Only practitioners of the TM-Sidhi program can apply.
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    Permanent Fairfield area residents, please enter today’s date as your arrival date and ”permanent” as your departure date.
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For information about on-campus and off-campus housing, click here

Upon acceptance to the Assembly, you will be given a link to request on-campus housing, if you wish to apply. Once you have applied for housing, the MUM Housing Department will contact you directly and let you know if there is a room available for the time you wish to visit.  Because of increased student enrollment, on-campus housing is extremely limited.

Note to Married Couples and Families: There is no housing available on campus for children or couples. 

Welcome Committee — If you are new to Fairfield and would like a friendly Welcome Committee volunteer to contact you, there will be a link for the Welcome Committee in your acceptance letter to the Assembly. They can give you advice about life in Fairfield such as transportation, shopping, dining, connecting to the internet, finding your seat in the Golden Dome, jobs, housing—just about anything you would like to know.
Financial Support
Financial Grant - US citizens, Canadian citizens and Green Card holders who can attend the IA Assembly for a minimum of one month are eligible to apply for a Financial Grant
  I will be applying for a Financial Grant
International Sponsorship – Non-US citizens, non-Canadian citizens and non-Green Card holders who can attend the IA Assembly for a minimum of one month are eligible to apply for the International Sponsorship. On the MUM campus this Sponsorship program provides a private room. On the IdeaLife Assembly campus ( this Sponsorship program provides a private room. For more information about sponsorship support go to Information about Financial Support for Internationals.
  I will be applying for the International Sponsorship

If you are applying for either a Grant or International Sponsorship, please fill out the Financial Support Request Form after completing this course application. (A link with information and an application for financial support will be provided on the automatic reply notice that you will receive after submitting the course application).

For more information on the financial support programs, see the Financial Support Request Form, Information about Financial Support for Internationals; and also the FAQ link.

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  I am an expectant mother.
Note to expectant mothers: Please call the Invincible America Department for Assembly guidelines.
Are you able to comfortably participate in group program, including the Yogic Flying® technique, in the Golden Domes?
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For grant and international sponsorship applicants

Do you have any health conditions or physical limitations that could affect your ability to participate fully in 3 long Yogic Flying sessions each day? (For program routine and attendance requirements click here)
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Recertified Governors only
  I am a Recertified Governor
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recertification course
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Within minutes you will receive confirmation on your screen that we have received your application. Your acceptance will come later via email. Please check your spam or junk mail settings so that you receive this notification in a timely way. The email will come from the Invincible America Assembly Office (

Please do not come to the Invincible America Assembly until you have received your acceptance. Thank you.

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