Invincible America

Make Hay While the Sun Shines!

Maharishi has emphasized a fundamental principle: The larger the group, the greater the depth of experience — and the greater the depth of experience, the more powerful the effect of invincibility in national consciousness.

The key to securing true invincibility for the nation, therefore, is to build the size of the group to 2,000 and higher.

It’s in the numbers

1,800 Number of Yogic Flyers coming to group program each weekday evening.
200 The additional number needed to transform our nation and the world.
2,300 The number of Sidhas in the community with current program badges
500 The number not coming to group program any given day
11% The amount by which we as a group need to increase our attendance to reach the goal.

Two ways to hit the target

  • We all come just a little more often — 11% as a group.
  • We all inspire just a few more of our out-of-town Sidha friends to join us.

Every Yogic Flyer is so very precious — to the group, to our country, and to our world.