Invincible America

500 Additional Maharishi Vedic Pandits
Will Be Arriving Soon

Currently there are 500 Vedic Pandits here in our community and the next wave of 500 will begin arriving shortly. By the fall there will be 1050 Maharishi Vedic Pandits here helping to crown America with invincibility. At that time the number of Invincible America Assembly participants, including the Vedic Pandits, will be close to 2300.

Can you imagine the power of good this will bring to America and the world? Our future is glorious.

But we need you now!

However, we need to meet our national Super Radiance requirement between now and when the next wave of Pandits start arriving in force. We must maintain high coherence for our nation. With the students away for vacation, our current daily totals have dropped — our average is hovering around 1,600 (1,732 is the square root of the U.S. population, and 2,000 is the number Maharishi feels we need with a safety margin).

The world is in our hands for the next weeks. Please come to both programs, especially these next few weeks. We are so close to our precious goal — let’s not let anything stop us now.

Jai Guru Dev