Invincible America

Maharishi Patanjali Golden Dome
Renovation and Beautification Under Way!

Dear Super Radiance Friends,

Guess what? We surpassed our fundraising target for renovating the Golden Dome roof!

The much-needed renovation on the Golden Dome roof began on July 13. We expect it to be finished in August.

We will use the extra funds to upgrade the Golden Dome in these ways:

  • Both bathrooms will have a complete makeover, including new ceramic floor tiles.
  • All the bathroom fixtures will be replaced with new more efficient units.
  • The bathrooms and reception areas will be repainted.
  • The entire interior, including ceiling, will be thoroughly cleaned.
  • We will replace as much of the existing foam as funds allow.
  • We will replace many of the fire bags.
  • We will replace the old curtains with new sheer curtains, for more light.

And all of this beneath the crown of a beautiful new golden roof.

With these renovations, our precious Men’s Dome, home to 500 Yogic Flyers every day, will reflect outwardly the inner glories of life it has so beautifully helped cultivate all these years.

Let’s Not Forget Utopia Hall

Utopia Hall is one of our current homes for group program while the Golden Dome is under renovation. It has recently been rotated to face due east.

Six five-ton air conditioning units are now functioning and cooling the building—so the comfort level is much better. Two more five-ton units will be added to ensure maximum comfort for all. New door locks and a cement pad will be added to the east entrance.

Field House Also Available

Need more space? The Field House is also available for group program while the Men’s Dome is under renovation. The Field House is air-conditioned and there is lots of space.

Please take full advantage of both these facilities for group program for the next few weeks until the Maharishi Patanjali Golden Dome is reopened—let’s keep our numbers as high as possible this summer and continue our strong support for a truly Invincible America!

J A I  G U R U  D E V