Invincible America

Blast of Bliss

Congratulations to the 1,765 Invincible America Assembly participants who flooded to group program on Friday, October 5, in the beautiful, fresh, newly renovated Maharishi Patanjali Golden Dome — and to all the flying halls on campus and in Maharishi Vedic City.

We exceeded our National Super Radiance threshold for the first time since last July.

And it is no coincidence that Friday the stock market spiked to a new record high.

As Yogic Flyers, we have an extraordinary power in our grasp. We can uplift the quality of life for the nation and the world. In just this one group program, we can clearly see our influence on our nation’s economic outlook.

If you have not been in the Golden Domes lately, come and join the champions of health and happiness, prosperity and peace, enlightenment and invincibility for the United States.

Kali Yuga’s time is over.

Next week 62 more Maharishi Vedic Pandits will join us. Be here, be part of the group, and make the difference.

Jai Guru Dev