Maharishi Academy of Total Knowledge


High School for Leadership
Coming Fall 2008

The Maharishi Academy of Total Knowledge—High School for Leadership, will be the first college preparatory boarding school for boys, grades 9-12, in the US, which will offer Consciousness-Based education. Maharishi Academy is now accepting applications for the Fall term 2008.

Features of Maharishi Academy:

  • Stress-free learning environment that is dynamic, creative, inspiring, and enjoyable;
  • Test results show that students who participate in Consciousness-BasedSM education typically score in the top 1% nationally and 95% of graduates are accepted to four-year colleges—an exceptional record of achievement;
  • Consciousness-Based education promotes optimal learning and balanced brain development where no student will fail;
  • Total Knowledge curriculum will be unsurpassed—all disciplines are connected back to the student making learning easy and meaningful;
  • Campus will be smoke-, alcohol-, bullying-, and drug-free;
  • Meals will emphasize organic, vegetarian, fresh foods; 
  • Maharishi Academy graduates will be the next generation of world leaders, each in his chosen field of endeavor.

Maharishi Academy is located in a beautiful setting in the hills and forests of Antrim, New Hampshire.

The new residence halls, classrooms, and administration buildings, will be built according to the ancient principles of Vedic architecture, Maharishi Sthapatya Veda, to promote the health, happiness, and the well-being of the residents.

Maharishi Academy will have a rigorous college preparatory curriculum formulated from the most advanced knowledge of our age in each discipline and directly connected to the students’ personal experience of pure consciousness in their daily practice of the Transcendental Meditation® (TM) technique and TM-Sidhi® program.

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