Invincible America

An Open Letter to the Yogic Flyers of the Nation
from the Raja of Invincible America

October 12, 2008

Dear Fellow Yogic Flyers,

As everyone surely knows, America—and our entire, deeply interconnected world family—are in the midst of an historic global phase transition. The financial markets—and the entire world economy—are in upheaval.

The press often asks me about the cause of the stock market meltdown, despite our consistently high numbers in the Domes—given that we had taken credit for the record market highs just one year ago.

The rise of coherence has fueled a long-overdue purification in national life

The answer is simple—and consistent with the Maharishi Effect research. On the one hand, the number of Yogic Flyers has been high enough to create a powerful upsurge of coherence in national consciousness, fueling national creativity, stabilizing the national mood, and bolstering the national economy. But the rise in coherence has also fueled a long-overdue purification in national life—in particular, in the very questionable principles and practices that drive our economic policies.

Maharishi repeatedly made it clear that the old principles that guided life during the past age of ignorance will be discarded and the small-thinking leaders who espouse them will be “hooted out” of office with the rise of collective consciousness. Maharishi said new enlightened principles of administration, along with new, enlightened leadership, would come forward to guide life.

We are now watching Maharishi’s words come true.

Our success is ultimately dependent on you

I am writing you from Wall Street, where I am living and working with members of my national team at the Global Financial Capital of New York, one block from the New York Stock Exchange. We are starting to make remarkably good progress in our efforts to bring Maharishi’s knowledge of enlightenment and invincibility to leaders here whose thinking and actions vitally impact the whole world. However, ultimately, our success is dependent on you. We will be successful when the leaders are receptive to our message. But their openness is 100% dependent upon the numbers in the Domes. Why? Because a rise in national consciousness directly translates into a rise in openness among leaders of business, health, education, defense, government, etc.

At this critical time I urge everyone to fly together in large groups

Maharishi said we need 2500 experts flying together to guarantee invincibility for America. This requirement is because the turbulence in the collective consciousness of one country can easily spread like a wildfire to create a similar turbulence in another country. And this is why, at this critical time, with the economic stability of the world hanging in the balance, I urge everyone in Iowa and everyone in the country to recommit to fly together in large groups.

Needless to say, I am deeply appreciative of how much you are already doing with the knowledge Maharishi has given us to create a new world of peace, happiness, and prosperity for everyone.

However, at this time, I ask you to do more. Please join the Invincible America Assembly if you have not already done so. And if you can’t, please be sure to fly every day, twice a day, in a large group!

Thank you… and with best wishes for your health, happiness and enlightenment,

Jai Guru Dev

John Hagelin, Ph.D.
Raja of Invincible America

P.S. Buried in the media tsunami of dire economic news has been a series of stunningly positive reports about the reduced tensions and violence in nuclear hotspots—and the dramatic turnaround in America’s relationships with once hostile nations. For example, North Korea, described a short while ago by the U.S. as a member of the “Axis of Evil,” is now forging friendlier ties with America and has been removed from our government’s list of state-sponsored terrorists. At the same time, violence and war deaths have dropped sharply in Iraq and there has been a palpable diffusion of tensions between the U.S. and Iran.

Finally, on the domestic front, as the grueling presidential campaign draws to a close, negative campaigning—which dominated the news as recently as a week ago—is now being soundly rejected by voters, who instead are demanding from the candidates a positive, more enlightened vision of the nation’s future along with a more substantive (and proven, prevention-oriented) approach to the nation’s pressing problems.

Maharishi said it was inevitable that the world would rise to invincibility. The only question was how long it would take. That choice has been left up to us. We can make this current phase transition as fast and as smooth as possible for everyone—by flying together in large groups to create coherent, invincible national and world consciousness.

Let us all join together now, and fly in the biggest groups possible!