Invincible America

Dear Governors and Sidhas,

I often think of how tenderly our beloved Maharishi spoke about the people who responded to his call and created the Fairfield and Maharishi Vedic City community. Thank you for all you have done for the world over so many years. Velia and I and our children very much miss being with all of you. We so much enjoyed our time there and look forward to returning as soon as responsibilities allow.

In case you have not already heard, I want to share with you a development that I feel you would want to know about. It has become clear that there is now going to be a period of about two months when the number of Maharishi Vedic Pandits in Maharishi Vedic City will be lower than America, and the world, needs. At present we have just 850 Pandits there and another 60 or so will be leaving in the next few days, having fulfilled their commitment.

Furthermore, about 60 of our dear Purusha are leaving soon for their new home in West Virginia. So our numbers will certainly be reduced.

Howard and Alice Settle, with their great wisdom and generosity, are ready to support 1250 Pandits in the U.S.A. Thanks to the heroic and tireless efforts of Raja Wynne, Raja Harris, Dr. Girish Varma and others in India, passports will be ready for a substantial number of Pandits to be sent in about two months time.

In the meantime, what I can think to do from my side is to fall back on what Maharishi has been encouraging us to do all along, which is for us all to join together and increase our numbers in the Domes.

I know that this may be challenging for so many of you who have other responsibilities, including family, work and other demands on your time and I sincerely appreciate that everybody has been doing their very best to come to group program. Nonetheless, during this short period of time, if you could make a mighty effort to come more often, even as much as a few more times each week, that will go a very long way to increasing our numbers again.

For those of you who are already coming every day, please share this message with your friends and alert them to the urgent need of the time.

Raja Raam

We have all been together with Maharishi for so many years, and I know that you understand the dynamics at play and will do whatever you can to help achieve Maharishi’s vision for our world. 

With my fond wishes and deep gratitude for what you have done to so greatly uplift America and the whole world,

Jai Guru Dev,

Raja Raam