Invincible America

Media Advisory

More than 1200 Yogic Flyers Assemble
in Washington, D.C., and Iowa to Promote
Invincibility in America and Permanent World Peace

Dramatic First Signs of Success Already Reported in Global Press

“Watch What Happens Tomorrow”

 (JULY 25) More than 1200 peace-creating experts from throughout North America have assembled in Washington, D.C., and in the heartland of America in Fairfield/Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa, to practice Yogic Flying in large groups and create an upsurge of coherence and positivity in national consciousness and radiate an urgently needed influence of harmony throughout the world.

After just two days, the first signs of the success of the assemblies are now appearing in the press, according to Dr. John Hagelin, the world-renowned quantum physicist who is directing the “Invincible America Course.”

News from the First Day:
Positivity Increases and Negativity Decreases

Yesterday, the Associated Press reported that the stock market recorded one of its largest one-day gains of the year, with the Dow Jones skyrocketing 183 points, surpassing the key 11,000 level. CNBC national television headlined the surprising stock market upsurge with “Wall Street Euphoria” and “Blissful Shock.” CNBC added that the only blue chip stock in negative territory was the Phillip Morris cigarette company.

Dr. Hagelin said that such positive news was predicted publicly in advance of the start of the Invincible America Course, on the basis of extensive previous, published scientific research. “More than 50 published studies clearly show that group practice of Yogic Flying by just a small percentage of a population—as little as the square root of one percent—reduces negative trends and strengthens positive economic and social trends,” Dr. Hagelin said.

For the United States, with a population of just over 300 million, the required number of peace-creating experts is 1730. However, Dr. Hagelin said, 3500 Yogic Flyers are assembling as a “safety factor.”

“As the number of Yogic Flyers increases towards 3500, the world press will have more and more good news to report from America,” said Dr. Hagelin, who directs the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy at Maharishi University of Management.  “The government will enjoy greater success. Peace and prosperity will reign, and violence and conflict will subside completely as America rises to become a lighthouse of coherence and invincibility for the world.”

Dr. Hagelin urged to press to monitor the good news daily: “Watch what happens tomorrow.”