Invincible America

Press release

Predictions that 2006 would be a devastating hurricane season have proven wrong.
Here is why.

Dramatic Decline in U.S. Hurricanes Due
to Rise of Coherent National Consciousness Created by
Group of Yogic Flyers in Washington, D.C., and Iowa

Positive Effects Also Include an Unexpectedly Strong Economy,
a Bullish Stock Market, and Declining Oil, Gas, and Gold Prices

Meissner Effect

An Example of Invincibility in the
Quantum Physics of Superconductivity

Meissner Effect

In an ordinary electrical conductor, incoherent, disordered electrons allow penetration by an external magnetic field.

In a superconductor, coherent collective functioning of the electrons spontaneously excludes an external magnetic field, and maintains its impenetrable status.

This example of invincibility is not unique in Nature; parallel phenomena of invincibility can be found in many aspects of the physical and biological sciences. In each case, it is found that the ability of the system to resist disorder is always based on coherent collective functioning.

The dramatic decline in the number of hurricanes and tropical storms this season is not an anomaly. The decrease is the direct—and publicly predicted—result of the increased coherence in national consciousness created by the large group of 1400 advanced Transcendental Meditation program experts who are practicing Yogic Flying together in Washington, D.C., and Iowa.

This is the assessment of world-renowned quantum physicist Dr. John Hagelin, who is the leading expert in the application of the Vedic science and technology of consciousness for the betterment of society.

Dr. Hagelin is directing the world’s largest—and longest—research project demonstrating the profound positive effects of group Yogic Flying practice on economic, social, and environmental trends in the nation. The project, entitled the “Invincible America Course,” is now entering its eighth week.

Extensive prior research, published in leading, peer-reviewed scientific journals, has documented reduced negative trends, including reduced crime and violence, and improved economic and social tendencies when as few as the square root of one percent of a population practice Yogic Flying together in a group.

Scientists named this phenomenon the “Maharishi Effect” after Maharishi Mahesh Yogic, the renowned Vedic scholar who founded the Transcendental Meditation program, and who predicted the beneficial impact of group meditation on social trends as early as 1975.

Creating the “Meissner Effect” for the nation

Maharishi Effect

Creating an Invincible Armour
for the Nation

Maharishi Effect


An invincible border that makes the nation impenetrable to any harmful influence from the outside.

The Maharishi Effect refers to the growth of harmony in society resulting from the practice of Maharishi’s Vedic Technology—the technology of Natural Law—by a small fraction of the population. When the influence of coherence generated by this technology reaches sufficient intensity, an integrated national consciousness is created. This in turn strengthens the cultural integrity of the nation by promoting life in accord with Natural Law. The result is the development of self-sufficiency and an invincible armour for the nation, which automatically repels any negative influence coming from outside.

Thus, the integrated state of national consciousness created by the Maharishi Effect produces a ‘Meissner Effect’ for the nation, rendering it impenetrable to external disorder.

Dr. Hagelin, who serves as President of the US Peace Government and Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace, said that group Yogic Flying practice creates the equivalent in society of the “Meissner Effect” of physics.

“The Meissner Effect refers to the ability of a superconductor to spontaneously repel any disruptive influences, due to the coherent functioning of its atomic constituents,” Dr. Hagelin said. “The Meissner Effect explains how coherent national consciousness created by the Yogic Flyers can similarly repel any disruptive influence—terrorism, conflict, or even a hurricane—and prevent it from inflicting damage on the nation.”

“‘As you sow, so shall you reap’ is now a scientific phenomenon”

Dr. Hagelin explained that the “non-linear partial differential equations” governing the weather obey the characteristics of chaos theory. “As a consequence, weather patterns are sensitive to infinitesimal changes in initial conditions—a phenomenon popularly known as the ‘Butterfly Effect.’ Even minute changes in people’s behavior can precipitate—or prevent—a hurricane. The Invincible America Course is raising the quality of collective consciousness—and behavior throughout society—to be more harmonious, more life supporting. And Nature is responding more positively. ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’ is now a scientific phenomenon,” Dr. Hagelin said.

Invincible America Course has produced marked benefits for the nation

The rise of coherence in collective consciousness has had a marked effect on the life of the nation since the beginning of the Invincible America Course on July 23:

  • The Atlantic hurricane season last year was the most active season in recorded history—and five of the seven hurricanes hit the U.S., causing 2,280 deaths and record damages of over $100 billion. This year, forecasters predicted an even more ruinous hurricane season. However, to date, no hurricanes have made landfall. Meteorologists have been at a loss to explain the unexpected good news.
  • Fears of a weakening economy, which peaked just before the Invincible America Course began two months ago, have suddenly subsided. The economy is now increasingly viewed as “robust,” and the stock market is soaring—gaining over 600 points since mid-July—while the prices of oil, gas, and gold have dropped dramatically.
  • The U.S. has also played a surprising peace-promoting role in brokering a successful cease-fire in Lebanon, effectively preventing a dangerous escalation of violence in the region.

Group of 1750 Yogic Flyers needed to make the nation invincible

Dr. Hagelin acknowledged that serious problems persist in the world, but said that as the number of Yogic Flyers in the U.S. reaches the square root of one percent of the U.S. population (about 1750), there will be an even more dramatic and complete improvement of life for the nation.

“This is not wishful thinking,” Dr. Hagelin said. “This is hard science that has been field-tested for over 50 years and documented through more than 600 studies conducted at over 250 independent research institutions and published in the world’s foremost, peer-reviewed scientific journals.”

Establishing a “Ring of Invincibility” around the globe
for permanent world peace

This week, Maharishi announced plans, now under way, to establish similar groups of Yogic Flyers in 37 more countries to create a “Ring of Invincibility” around the globe and quickly raise the whole world to a state of permanent peace and harmony.