Sunday, July 23, 2006

Maharishi to Discuss Experiences
Again Tomorrow!

(July 23) Today marked the beginning of the historic Invincible America Course.

This morning there were 928 Yogic Flyers in the Golden Domes and in Maharishi Vedic City, and nearly 100 in Washington, DC. This is already more than half of the super-radiance requirement for the country—and we are resolved to go far beyond that, to 2500 and 1000. Yesterday, the number of Course applicants was 750; today, that number has swelled to over 1300.

Maharishi expressed great joy and confidence that a “bright new sun” would rise in America within a few days—as the number of Flyers rapidly grows.

Maharishi spoke beautifully to the Course, praising all the “Founders of Invincibility” who were the first to arrive, and he urged them to call their friends to join.

The Bliss is Thick!
Everyone is loving the extended group program.



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Maharishi reflects on today’s experiences

“Today, many people are experiencing that the sutras are finer here than at home. If this is the experience, then it was worth everyone coming here for the purpose of creating an Invincible America. You are watering the root of life in the country. The country has different shades and different values of collective consciousness. When your experiences are of a finer nature then you are inspiring deeper levels of national consciousness. This rising national consciousness has more authority, more value of Total Natural Law. This is awakening invincibility—and total invincibility will soon be awake. That is the purpose of being here. Everyone’s mind is splashing on the ocean of collective intelligence—cosmic intelligence—which is Total Natural Law.

“Inform all your friends that this World Peace Conference is of very great value. Everyone is experiencing the goal of coming together. It is very, very beautiful. Coming here—taking this trip and experiencing all together—is the fulfillment of the goal of this practice of Yogic Flying. This is the first day. Great, continue like that.

“Time and tide wait for none. Drop by drop the floods come. Time is now for America to rise to invincibility. Offer your drops and enjoy the rise of the ocean.

“So fly in bliss, in a grand festival of light. ... Meet your cosmic friends in the air...”


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