Tuesday, July 25, 2006

“You have the Key to the Gate of Heaven, and now everyone
is going to enjoy you opening the Gate for the whole world.”

—Maharishi, speaking today to the Invincible America Course participants

“The experience of the Invincible America Course in Washington is paradise.”
—Dr. Dean Dodrill, Raja of Washington

Super Radiance Requirement Surpassed!

(July 25) As of 12:00 noon (CDT) today, 1737 Yogic Flyers have applied to attend the Invincible America Course, surpassing the Super Radiance requirement of 1730 for the nation. Congratulations to all those who have responded so quickly to the urgent need of the time. Now, it is vitally important that all of you who have registered for the course come quickly and fly together every day in Washington and in Fairfield/Maharishi Vedic City.

It is also vitally important that all of you who have not yet applied please do so right away! Come as soon as you can—and stay as long as you can!

Positivity Increases and Negativity Decreases

The stock market is the most sensitive barometer of the national mood and of the level of confidence in the country’s future.

The Associated Press reported today that the stock market recorded one of its largest one-day gains of the year, with the Dow Jones skyrocketing 183 points, surpassing the key 11,000 level. CNBC national television headlined the surprising stock market upsurge with “Wall Street Euphoria” and “Blissful Shock.” CNBC added that the only blue chip stock in negative territory was the Phillip Morris cigarette company.


Due to the great generosity of several peace-loving donors, any Yogic Flyer who wishes to attend the Invincible America Course in Washington, D.C., may do so for as long as he or she wants! Simply apply for the Course at www.InvincibleAmerica.org, and specify your financial needs. We urge everyone to take advantage of this incredible opportunity.


Several people who had not received the email confirmation of their course acceptance from the Development of Consciousness Office in Fairfield/Maharishi Vedic City discovered that their acceptances had been routed to their spam folders. So if you are still awaiting your course acceptance, please check your spam folder.

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