Thursday July 27, 2006


“It is very fortunate that you are in the midst of 1,000 Yogic Flyers—and that more and more are coming. But even 1,000 people are good enough to show indications of betterment in the national economy. Better national economy means more harmony, more confidence, less difficulties, more evenness. It is a very good thing. Let us see what comes tomorrow.”
—Maharishi, speaking to the course


“I was initiated into the TM-Sidhi program last Winter. I am having so much fun on this course—I really enjoy the new hour-long flying time. I am experiencing crystal clear transcending and have the feeling of ‘floating’ on the finest level when I practice the Sutras. Yogic Flying is becoming more and more effortless—especially with the big group numbers. I feel more established in the Self—more established in pure consciousness. I would love to see this hour-long program remain an option for all students even when school resumes next month.”
—Course participant who is also a student at Maharishi University of Management


“I felt like I was flying in the light of God. And then after about 40 minutes I had a big explosion of unbelievable happiness and joy—it just kept exploding as I kept flying and laughing with everyone around me. I flew for over an hour and it was fantastic and fun and blissful. After I left the Dome, even the air felt alive and pulsating. I didn't have anything to say to anyone. It was just perfect in the moment—incredibly peaceful, clear and bright! I am sure that without a doubt I would not be having such great experiences without all the blissful flyers around me!”—Course participant in Maharishi Vedic City


As of 12:00 noon (CDT) today, applications to the Invincible America Course reached 2120, easily surpassing the Super Radiance requirement of 1730 for the nation. And more and more of these course participants are arriving each day: there are now over 1100 Sidhas flying together in Fairfield and in Washington.

All those who have not yet applied please do so now!
Come as soon as you can—and stay as long as you can!


“America will never get better until we make it better”


It’s been our lifelong dream to live in a peaceful nation and a peaceful world. For too long, we have looked to our government to provide the leadership to create that bright new world—often growing frustrated when the government did not deliver on our expectations. But, as Maharishi has repeatedly reminded us, the government is not free. The government can only do exactly what it is doing, because it is governed by the collective consciousness of the nation.

Creating peace is our expertise. With the exquisite guidance of Maharishi and the blessings of the Vedic tradition, we have been given the supreme technique to create harmonious collective consciousness. America will never change, the Middle East will never change, nothing will ever change—nothing will ever get better—until we make it better, until we create integrated national consciousness.

There has never been a better opportunity—or a more crucial moment—to do just that. There are more than 2100 people who have applied for the course. They invite you to join them in their flying halls—to make it happen now. If your finances are tight, you can come to Washington and stay at a fine hotel with all your expenses for food and housing paid for by a generous, peace-loving donor. And grants are available for Fairfield, as well.

We need you. Yes, the numbers are good enough now to create a wave of good feeling, and to influence the stock markets—but not yet enough to put a stop to the violence and slaughter in the Middle East, which is a powder keg that threatens to spiral out of control.

I know many of you have business and family commitments this summer. But many who are now at the course had similar commitments. They resolved to come despite everything—and Nature supported their resolve.

America needs you in Washington and in Fairfield/Maharishi Vedic City. Please do everything you can to come as soon as possible—and stay for as long as you can.

Jai Guru Dev

John Hagelin

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