Tuesday August 15 , 2006


“Don’t go home. Don’t go home even if it’s a sacrifice. This is the crucial time when the keys are turning in the transformation of world consciousness. Whatever you have to do at home, organize it from there so you don’t have to go. This is the time to show your service to the nation. This historic turning point came from 1300 to 1400 people flying together... And with 200 or 300 more Flyers you will have done it—you will raise the nation to that level which is truly invincible.”
—Maharishi’s message to the Invincible America Course


“Increasing coherence from the groups of Yogic Flyers burst the bubble of stress. Today, world consciousness is more peaceful—simpler, more natural, clearer, and more itself Ordinary people around the world are feeling better, behaving better, there is a softening in the atmosphere. And the influence is worldwide. We don’t yet have the requirement to make the nation invincible, but there is enough to show the evidence.”
—Maharishi, commenting on the remarkable success of the Course thus far


“Today’s experiences will become a textbook in the curriculum of all our universities and schools. With these expressions, the Vedic texts have been made relevant. They will be like lights on the autobahn—a guide for everyone drive faster. They will be part of the history of how invincibility became a dominating factor in the life of the world. Just a few hundred or a few thousand people flying together will naturally maintain a highly refined quality of life in every home, every city, every nation—and the whole world will be in a state of permanent peace.”
—Maharishi’s response to the sublime experiences presented during today’s meeting

Dear Fellow Flyers,

Every day of our Invincible America Course has been historic. But today outshone them all! Maharishi’s overwhelming satisfaction with the deep and profound experiences of enlightenment—and the consensus that experiences have grown more profound in the past two days since the numbers flying together have surpassed 1350—inspired Maharishi to tell everyone directly: “Don’t go home!”

Maharishi said the depth of today’s experiences was a clear sign that a “bubble of stress” had broken in world consciousness, and that, with a few hundred more Yogic Flyers, the nation will be on a high level of invincibility and peace. Maharishi also said this transformation was evident in the sudden and dramatic changes in world events. (See below for a sampling of yesterday’s good news.)

For weeks now, I have been writing to all the Yogic Flyers, urging everyone to come as soon as possible. Today, Maharishi made the message even more direct, even more blunt. Even if it is a sacrifice (which it should not be—it should be a joy), stay on the Course. Or come, if you are not yet here. Come now, in service to the nation.

We are on the threshold of a HUGE and historic transformation of the world!

Jai Guru Dev

John Hagelin 



(August 15, 2006) Today is the 24th day of the Invincible America Course, and the United States is already playing a much more positive, peace-promoting leadership role in international affairs. In addition, the U.S. national consciousness has become stable and steadfast in the face of turbulent times.

As almost everyone knows by now, on Friday, the UN Security Council passed a resolution that called for a cease-fire after 32 days of fighting between Israel and Hezbollah—a cease-fire resolution brokered by the United States and France. The cease-fire went into effect three days ago, and to the surprise of most observers, there have been very few violations.

Yesterday, the New York Times reported on the abrupt and unexpected turnaround in US foreign policy that led to its unexpected leadership role in brokering the ceasefire.

The New York Times:U.S. Policy Shift Kicked Off Diplomacy at U.N.When Israel began its counterattack on Hezbollah one month ago, the Bush administration backed the Israeli plan to destroy Hezbollah’s militia and its arsenal of rockets—resisting efforts by France and other allies to call for a cease-fire. But after a few days, U.S. policy suddenly moved toward seeking an immediate political solution.”

And yet, as the Times reports, until as recently as this past Friday, there was no consensus among members of the UN Security Council about how to proceed with a peaceful resolution—in fact, there were sharp divisions. Then suddenly, over the weekend (when the number of Yogic Flyers surpassed 1300), everything changed—and the US-brokered cease-fire was easily passed. Indeed, the Times remarked that the unanimous passage of the resolution is historically unprecedented and “still amazes participants.”


As I said, many skeptics believed that the cease-fire would not hold, even for a day—but the news from Lebanon has been remarkably good since the cease-fire went into effect on Monday, causing great relief to the people of Lebanon and Israel:

Boston Globe: “Guns go quiet in MideastFor the first time since the war broke out on July 12, no Hezbollah rockets fell in northern Israel.”

Newsweek: “Relieved civilians return to S. Lebanon

Associated Press: “Israelis greet cease-fire with relief

The Kansas City Star: “Mideast embraces peaceThere were celebrations in the streets of Beirut and joyful reunions of families in southern Lebanon as the cease-fire went into its second day.”

Associated Press: “Israeli army to begin pull-back—Israeli army commanders say they will begin moving some troops back Wednesday from positions they have captured in Lebanon in the past month of fighting Hezbollah militants. The U.N.-mediated truce in Lebanon has now entered its second day, with few violations reported. Israeli military authorities say they hope to complete the withdrawal of troops from Lebanon by the end of next week.”

Good economic news

During times of high geopolitical tensions, oil and gold prices rise, and stocks fall. Thus the following headlines give concrete examples of how tensions have eased in recent days…

The Washington Post: “Oil drops to $73 on Mideast truce between Israel and Hezbollah

Bloomberg News: “Gold Declines as Cease-Fire in Lebanon Takes Effect
It should be pointed out that in the first week after the fighting started on July 12, gold prices surged by as much as $25 an ounce. Now, with the large groups of Yogic Flyers in place and with the easing of global tensions, gold prices are falling.

CNBC: “Stock market holds steady
Wall Street rose 132 points yesterday—putting the market up over 400 points since the Course began three weeks ago.

Plus this good economic news...
Reuters reports: “U.S. chain store sales rise for three weeks compared to the same time last year
The rise in sales began during the last week in July and have continued for the first two weeks in August—coinciding exactly with the three weeks of the Invincible America Course.


With increased coherence in national consciousness, Maharishi has said, governments will remain steadfast—there will not be a constant turnover of rulership. We can see this happening right now in Cuba—just 90 miles off the coast of Florida—where the coherence radiating from America is raising the collective consciousness of this small island nation, bringing an unexpected political stability to the country:

New York Times: “Surprising Experts, Cuba Stays Calm With Castro on SidelinesThere was calm and normalcy, not the chaos and hysteria that was predicted when Fidel Castro handed the reigns of power over to his brother, Raul. Instead of an intervention by the United States, the Bush administration called on the Cuban people to take their future in their own hands. And rather than upheaval within the Cuban government, it appears that the political system may not change much at all.”

This is just a taste of the wonderful good news coming from the United States on the 24th day of the Invincible America Course.

Jai Guru Dev

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