Saturday August 19, 2006

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August 19, 2006

Today is the 28th day of U.S. national consciousness rising to invincibility,
as indicated by the following press reports...

Maharishi has said that an invincible nation will be characterized by “all good everywhere and non-good nowhere.” We can see that more and more clearly in the US, where the financial markets are in the midst of an unexpected boom and the peace is holding in Lebanon, but where government and corporate policies that are not life supporting are getting hammered by the courts.


We begin today’s news with Wall Street. For the past 15 years, the month of August has always proven to be the worst month for the stock market. Not this year, however...

BRIEFING.COM (a top internet business news site): “August a surprising victory for the bulls—as stocks closed Thursday higher for a fourth straight day.”

Then yesterday, Friday, we received these reports:
Reuters: “US stocks fly for the weekU.S. stocks closed higher for the fifth day in a row on Friday. The Nasdaq had its best week in three years and its longest winning streak since January. The Dow had its longest winning streak since May, tech stocks had their best week of the year, and the S&P 500 recorded its best run since March.”
Since the beginning of the Course four weeks ago, the Dow is up almost 600 points (over 5 percent); the S&P is up nearly 5 percent; and the Nasdaq is up more than 7 percent.

The rise of corporate good fortune in the stock market did not include ALL companies. Companies that promote life-damaging products got hit hard this week:
New York Times: “Judges deliver legal setbacks to drug company over painkiller; Shares drop 6 percent—In a significant setback for Merck, the third-largest American drug maker, a federal jury in New Orleans awarded a man $51 million yesterday for a heart attack that he suffered after taking the painkiller Vioxx for almost three years. The company’s shares fell almost 6 percent. The company faces more than 14,000 lawsuits, covering almost 30,000 plaintiffs, from people who claim they or their relatives suffered heart attacks or strokes after taking Vioxx.”

Associated Press: “Federal Judge Rules: Tobacco Firms Deceived SmokersA federal judge ruled Thursday that the nation’s top cigarette makers violated racketeering laws, deceiving the public for years about the health hazards of smoking.”

Other signs of a strengthening economy:
Associated Press: “Signaling Investor Optimism, Gold and Oil Prices Fall Again

The number of IPOs (“initial public offerings”) are up...
Reuters: “Optimism grows for U.S. IPOsAfter a tough summer for U.S. initial public offerings, in the first half of August alone, 21 companies filed for IPOs, which could lead to a huge increase for the rest of the year.”

Here is yet another sign of easing inflation... Mortgages had been rising since April, hitting a four-year high of 6.80 percent the week of July 20—the week before the Course began. But, since the Course began...
Washington Post—Mortgage Rates Decline for 4th Straight Week 


There were several landmark legal decisions this week, putting a stop to governmental behaviors that were life damaging and illegal.

The courts struck down a key component of the White House’s so-called “war against terrorism:”
New York Times: “Federal Judge Orders End to Warrantless WiretappingThe White House on Thursday suffered another blow in its ‘war against terror’ strategy when a federal court ruled its warrantless eavesdropping program unconstitutional because it violated rights to free speech and privacy. The American Civil Liberties Union said the ruling was ‘a landmark victory against the abuse of power that has become the hallmark of the Bush administration.’”

Science: “Judge Finds USDA Violates Environmental LawsA federal district judge has ruled that the US Department of Agriculture violated the law in permitting the cultivation of drug-producing, genetically engineered crops throughout Hawaii. The August 10 decision represents the first federal court ruling ever on ‘biopharming,’ the practice of genetically altering food crops to produce experimental drugs and industrial compounds.”


Just a week ago, news of the bloody conflict in Lebanon war gripped the world. Today, the cease-fire is largely holding and peace is beginning to return to the area...
CBS News: “South Lebanon Welcomes Country's Peace-Keeping Force—Villagers throwing rice welcomed the country's army to south Lebanon on Thursday after a nearly 40-year absence.”

The momentum of peace is beginning to spread throughout the Mideast...
The New York Times: “Arabs Seek New Mideast Peace InitiativeArab nations want the U.N. Security Council to help launch a new peace process to bring lasting peace between the Israelis and Palestinians after nearly 60 years of conflict.”

The coherence created by the group of Yogic Flyers in Canada along with the coherence radiating from the large groups of Yogic Flyers in the US is elevating the Canadian government into a peacemaking leadership role in another center of regional conflict: Afghanistan...
The Toronto Star: “Taliban talks about disarmingIn a surprise move, Canadian and NATO officials in southern Afghanistan are involved in sensitive negotiations with Taliban fighters to lay down arms.”

This is just a taste of the wonderful good news coming from the United States on the 28th day of the Invincible America Course.


Yet, as good as this news is, we know that these extraordinary positive trends WILL NOT LAST unless we maintain and STRENTHEN our numbers in Washington, D.C. and in Maharishi Vedic City. If you like what you are reading, if it is a relief to read news of a booming economy and dawning peace in the Middle East, then please do all that you can to come to the course or, if you are here, to remain on the course—and inspire your Sidha friends to join you NOW!  

Thank you, and Jai Guru Dev

John Hagelin

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