Monday August 21, 2006

Peter J. Nassos, CPA, Director, Business Architecture & Performance, Perot Systems, Atlanta

Why Peter Nassos
Came from Atlanta!

“In the past, it has been either one or the other: go to a course and go deep into silence, or be at home and immerse myself in work until I am burnt out. Now I am enjoying deepening inward experiences while at the same time finding added energy and support of Nature to get my work accomplished with greater ease and enjoyment. It’s extremely fulfilling.”


Dear Governors and Sidhas:

New York Times: “Mideast Truce ‘Very Fragile’

Reporting on the tenuous, volatile situation in Lebanon, the New York Times wrote today:  “The truce between Israel and Lebanese Hizbollah guerrillas entered its second week today, but many world leaders described the situation in Lebanon as ‘very fragile.’ German Chancellor Angela Merkel said it was vital to get United Nations peacekeeping troops to the area quickly to prevent a rekindling of the conflict, in which nearly 1,200 people in Lebanon and 157 Israelis died.”

Of course we know that simply sending in UN troops will do nothing to keep the peace. In fact, the effect is usually the opposite: UN troops often trigger more violence. But Chancellor Merkel is right: something has to be done quickly to prevent a rekindling of the conflict.

And we know what that something is: We MUST strengthen our numbers in Washington and in Maharishi Vedic City. We must not get complacent. Maharishi said last week that the darkness will rush back in if we are not vigilant—if we do not maintain a high level of coherence in the country.

So I am addressing the following words to you: We need you in the flying hall. Not someone else. You. There are no other options. If you are not flying in the large group—then who do you think will? Someone else? Who?

Maharishi has not been giving any of us an “easy out.” Maharishi has been very direct, very specific: If you are on the course: “Stay.” If you have applied for the course but have not yet come: “Come, now. Now is the time to serve your country.”

I don’t believe Maharishi can make the point any more clearly!

And what will you find at the Course? Bliss. You are coming to awaken and bathe and thrill in the field of Bliss, which lies hidden deep within you, hidden by fatigue and stress. It is yours. Don’t let the transient demands of the world keep you from your eternal birthright.

Apply now, and come. Or if you are here, stay.

With warmest regards,

Jai Guru Dev
John Hagelin


August 21, 2006

Today is the 30th day of U.S. national consciousness rising to invincibility,
as indicated by the following press reports...

There is an old proverb that is especially true when it comes to news during the weekend, when the stock markets are closed and government is pretty much shut down: “No news is good news.” And it was good news indeed in Lebanon, which was largely quiet. And the US business press did marvel over the weekend at the completely unexpected upsurge of positive trends on Wall Street last week.

Bloomberg News: Good news sends stocks soaring 5 straight daysthe longest streak in five months. For the week, the Dow jumped 2.65 percent, the S&P 500 gained 2.81 percent, and the Nasdaq surged 5.16 percent. “We’ve had one good piece of inflation news after another,” said Eric Green, who helps manage $3.5 billion at Penn Capital Management in Cherry Hill, N.J. “There are a lot of positive winds in the market.”


Maharishi has said that we are producing this positive effect even if the global press does not recognize our causal role in creating a better time in the world. However, it is refreshing when a wise reporter DOES, in fact, report on the transformative power of Maharishi’s knowledge.

The following excellent article on the positive effects on the US stock market created by the Invincible America Course appeared in this week’s “Barron’s,” America’s premier financial weekly. Barron’s is published by the Wall Street Journal and is read by millions of business people. (Note that the “bull” and the “bear” in the graphic are meditating!)

Barron’s: Tune In, Turn On, Outperform?


There may not be a mathematical way to beat the market, but early returns of an intriguing new study show another way could be possible—better returns through active consciousness-raising.

It all relates to the effect produced when a critical mass of people gets together to practice advanced Transcendental Meditation, producing an underlying field of “pure consciousness,” known as the “Maharishi Effect,” after the physicist who introduced TM in the U.S. nearly 50 years ago.

It so happens such a group has been gathering once again in the Fairfield, Iowa, home of Maharishi University of Management, to deal with a threat to world peace. But the positive vibes extend to other aspects of society, including the financial markets.

“We didn't come together to boost the markets, but it’s a nice side effect,” says John Hagelin, a physicist who directs the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy at MUM. “Sociologists as well as economists are aware that markets are an extremely nimble and sensitive barometer [of] the collective mood.”

So far, the mass meditation seems to be having a beneficial effect on the market. In the weeks since the meditation began July 23, both the S&P 500 and the Domini 400 Social Equity Index have risen on average 0.7% per week, to say nothing of the Nasdaq, says Ken Cavanaugh, a professor of applied statistics at MUM who has been researching the meditation’s market effects. That compares to a weekly decrease of an average of .06% going back to 2000, when Bush took office.

“If you maintain that rate of increase for awhile, you’re going to have a phenomenal effect,” says Cavanaugh. And if the method does away with all the sellers? World peace. And then, who cares?


Natural disasters are born of violation of Natural Law by the people, Maharishi has said. It is clear that the Invincible America Course is bringing national life into harmony with Natural Law, and bringing the support of Nature to the nation.

Associated Press: “No menacing hurricanes so far this year”—“The hurricane season that was roundly forecast to be another active and destructive one has thus far fallen short of the menacing reputation that preceded it. So far this year, no hurricanes have developed. There have been only three named tropical storms. By early August of 2005, there had been four hurricanes and nine named storms.”

AgWeb (top agriculture site for farmers) “USDA: Drought Relief in Plains”—“Showers and thunderstorms continue to provide drought relief to pastures and early summer crops in the central Plains states which had been hit by a lengthy drought.”

This is just a taste of the wonderful good news coming from the United States on the 30th day of the Invincible America Course.



Maharishi Vedic City/Maharishi University of Management
Washington D.C.

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