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Dear Governors and Sidhas of Fairfield and Maharishi Vedic City,

As Yogic Flyers, we have all been supremely blessed by Maharishi with the knowledge and technologies to rise to enlightenment—to enjoy better health, greater success in business, and more fulfillment at home. And yet, as Maharishi has said, with this knowledge comes a responsibility: We must use the knowledge for the good of humanity.

I offer my deepest, most heartfelt gratitude to everyone who is gathering in the flying halls to raise America to invincibility and to transform the world. I know many of you have come from hundreds, even thousands, of miles away to be here despite significant personal and professional difficulties. I congratulate you on your commitment and your priorities.

But there are still hundreds of Yogic Flyers in Fairfield and Maharishi Vedic City who are not in the flying halls. To those of you, I must be honest; I must use this strong language: Shame. Shame. You know better. You know what your individual participation in the group can do to reduce the violence and lift the pain and suffering of millions and billions of people in the world.

I have researched the Maharishi Effect for decades. I have worked alongside nonmeditating scientists and statisticians to crunch the numbers. Our findings have been published in top, peer-reviewed scientific journals. The results show the absolutely dramatic effect each additional Yogic Flyer makes in spreading peace to larger and larger populations of the world.

Every Yogic Flyer in Fairfield/Maharishi Vedic City is needed in the flying halls now. Yes, you have a responsibility to ensure that your family is happy and healthy and strong. But you have an equally profound responsibility to your world family. You can do both. Make it a priority and Nature will support.

Register today with the Invincible America Course office: 641-472-1230.

Jai Guru Dev
John Hagelin


August 25, 2006

Today is the 3rd day of the second month of U.S. national consciousness
rising to invincibility, as indicated by the following press reports...

The US economy continues to build in strength, defying experts who had predicted spiraling oil prices and a plunging stock market in response to the strife in the Middle East. Economic indicators show an opposite trend, which began exactly when the Invincible America Course started on July 23...
Reuters: “Oil continues slide—Oil slipped to $71.66 a barrel from a record high of $78.40 in July.”

The New York Times: “Mortgage Rates Dip for 5th Straight Week — Mortgages had hit a four-year high the week of July 20 before falling the past five weeks.”

Now we turn to the Middle East, where a soothing air of peace is starting to blow across the war-ravaged region—in particular, in Lebanon, where the world family is uniting together as never before by sending peacekeeping forces to maintain the cease-fire between Israel and Hezbollah.  I must emphasize that, obviously, these peacekeeping forces cannot create peace—only a group of Maharishi’s Yogic Flyers can do that. However, this initiative is a positive sign of growing harmony and unity of purpose in the family of nations to do whatever it knows how to do to prevent a renewed outbreak of violence in the region...
Bloomberg News: “Europe Pledges Up to 7,000 Soldiers for Lebanon Peacekeeping ForceEuropean Union governments pledged between 6,500 and 7,000 soldiers for the Lebanon peacekeeping force, boosting United Nations efforts to police the cease-fire between Israel and Hezbollah. Italy will dispatch 3,000 troops, France 2,000, and Spain 1,000, with smaller countries making up the rest.”

Reuters: “Life seeps back into Beirut streets after warReuters writes: “Slowly but surely, life is seeping back into the streets of Beirut following the war between Israel and Hezbollah. Shops are reopening, people are starting to fill the restaurants and cafes and returning to the beaches. ‘Every day it gets a little better,’ said one Beirut government leader.”

Now, we turn to the US federal courts. Last week we reported that the courts are starting to overturn laws that damage the environment, endanger human health, and create fear in the lives of the people. That trend continues today...
The New York Times: “Judge Strikes Down Pesticide Usage Rule —A federal judge on Thursday rejected a government decision to weaken rules governing pesticide use, saying the change lacked scientific justification. “The administrative record is striking in its total lack of any evidence of technical or scientific support for the policy positions ultimately adopted,” the judge wrote.”

We have also seen in recent weeks how Nature is supporting America since the start of the Invincible America Course. The longtime drought that gripped the Midwest, Southeast, and Southwest has ended with widespread rains across the country. Now we have the good news that a tropical storm, which two days ago had meteorologists concerned it could develop into a full-scale hurricane and wreak havoc on the Gulf Coast, is now not a threat... 
Associated Press: Tropical Storm Debby No Danger to U.S. 

This is just a taste of the wonderful good news coming from the United States on the 3rd day of the second month of the Invincible America Course.


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