Saturday September 2, 2006


September 2, 2006

Maharishi has repeatedly said that after 50 years of talking about his global peace program, the time for talking is over—that now is the time to produce the effect. It is clear that the Invincible America Course is producing the effect.

Today is the 11th day of the second month of US national consciousness rising to invincibility, as indicated by the following press reports...

For the second time in the span of just one month, national weather forecasters have reduced the number of “named” storms and hurricanes they expect to hit the US this season. Based on the past two years, forecasters originally predicted 17 storms. However, as of today, there have only been five “named” storms—and there have been no hurricanes. This reduction of storms and reduced threat of hurricanes is having a positive impact on the lives of millions of people at risk for damage. It is also having a positive impact on the economy... with oil and gasoline prices falling and the stock market rising...
Reuters: Forecasters again cut hurricane predictions for Atlantic

Bloomberg News: Oil Falls on Forecasts of Less Hurricane Activity, Less Demand

Bloomberg News: Gasoline Prices Decline on Slow Hurricane Season
Pump prices have declined 7 percent since early August. New York gasoline futures in August showed their biggest drop since October 2005.

Bloomberg News: Gold prices fall with reduced fears over hurricanes and reduced tension over Iran’s nuclear program

Here is a brief survey of other positive economic headlines...
Bloomberg News: U.S. Stocks Climb 83 Points to 4-Month High

Bloomberg News: U.S. employment rises, payrolls gain in August

Bloomberg News: Municipal Bonds Post Biggest Returns in August in 16 Months

Associated Press: Manufacturing sector growth continues in August

Reuters: August consumer confidence beats expectations

Rising coherence in US national consciousness—along with rising coherence in the collective consciousness of Europe created by Invincibility Courses in Holland and other countries—is boosting the economy of Europe...
Bloomberg News: European Stocks Climb to Highest Since May on U.S. Jobs Growth

This final headline summarizes the incredibly positive economic news in the US for the week... What a Week: Good News Rules the U.S. Economy

This is just a taste of the wonderful good news coming from the United States on the 11th day of the second month of the Invincible America Course.


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Maharishi Vedic City/Maharishi University of Management
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