Thursday September 28, 2006


Dear Fellow Meditators and Sidhas,

For fifty years, Maharishi has talked at length to the world press and the public about how his Vedic technologies of consciousness can prevent wars, promote prosperity, and raise every nation to its full dignity in invincibility. Now Maharishi has stopped talking and is producing the effect.

Anyone in the press or public who might have questioned the truth of Maharishi’s words needs only to look now to the sudden and dramatic transformation in the quality of life of America—from deepening fear and failure, as reported in the press before the Invincible America Assembly began 68 days ago, to growing confidence and success today.

The first stage of this unprecedented phase transition to an Invincible America has been created by the 1400 Sidhas who have come to Washington, D.C., and Maharishi Vedic City to fly together.  (And 1400 is still several hundred fewer than the number required!)

Last night, Maharishi addressed America and handed over responsibility for completing this phase transition to “the leaders of the movement.” By that, Maharishi meant you and me—all of us.

And Maharishi gave us one specific instruction to finish the task: Raise the numbers in Maharishi Vedic City to 2000 Yogic Flyers. I have said this before. We all have made our plans in life—where we want to go to school, where we want to raise our families, where we want to live when we retire. Maharishi is now urging us to change those plans: for the good of the nation and the world, yes—but really, for our own good. Because only in the large group, Maharishi has said, will we fulfill the supreme, blissful purpose of our life—which is to rise to Unity Consciousness, to live in the glory of the light of God. Maharishi has thrown open the doors to enlightenment for us, right now, at this time, and he is welcoming us home.

Please change your life plans—now. Please come and live and fly with an assembly of the wise, and enjoy your God-given birthright to live in perfect health, happiness, and supreme fulfillment.

Jai Guru Dev

John Hagelin


September 28, 2006

Today is the 5th day of the third month of U.S. national consciousness rising
to invincibility, as indicated by the following press reports, which continue to reveal the dramatic, 180 degree turnaround in the fortunes of the nation...

Wall Street Journal: Dow Jones Industrial Average Rises Above All-Time Record Set in January 2000

Bloomberg News: Price of Oil Continues to Fall

Bloomberg News: Gas Drops to Lowest Level in Almost 4 Years

The Washington Post: Sales of New Homes Unexpectedly Jump in August—Biggest Gain in Five Months

The New York Times: Federal Reserve Board Director Sees Steady U.S. Productivity Gains

The New York Times: Top U.S. Finance Executives See Steady National Economy

A few days ago, we reported that the strong U.S. economy is lifting European stocks. Now comes this good news...
Reuters: Asian stocks boosted by unexpected big jump in U.S. consumer confidence

Here is more good news coming from the Middle East...
Reuters: New poll finds 70% of Americans favor diplomacy over military intervention to resolve Iran impasse 

The Washington Post: Bush to give more time for diplomacy to work in Iran

Bloomberg News: Progress in talks between Iran and European Union to break the deadlock over Iran’s atomic program

The rise of coherence in national consciousness is translating into good news for farmers...
The Christian Science Monitor: The rarest of all things for an American farmer: a good harvest this year

And finally, here is good news of healthier dietary trends among young people...
USA Today: More university students call for organic food grown without pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics or hormones

This is just a taste of the excellent news coming from the United States press on 5th day of the third month of the historic Invincible America Course.



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