Friday October 13, 2006

Dear Vedic Pandit Benefactor:

Fantastic news! This week, the Vedic Pandits are receiving the U.S. visas in India—50 Vedic Pandits per day—and they will start arriving in Maharishi Vedic City next week!

These Vedic Pandits are between the ages of 20 and 30 years, and are the most experienced in Maharishi’s movement.

In short order, we have to build proper residences for the Vedic Pandits in Maharishi Vedic City.

As you know, the Vastu campus previously constructed in Maharishi Vedic City by Raja Wynne and Maureen is now completely occupied by participants in the Mother Divine program.

Maharishi naturally feels, as we all do, that Mother Divine should remain undisturbed and continue to bless America and the world from their current Vastu homes.

So we have to build anew—and that building project is now under way. One hundred and twenty Vedic-dimensioned manufactured homes have been ordered, with 30 homes being delivered each week for the next four weeks. Concurrently, water lines, electrical service, sewage system, and roads are being put in place in the northwest corner of Maharishi Vedic City. Raja Wynne’s construction team is working day and night to get the job done.

Through a generous gift from the “Howard and Alice Settle Foundation for an Invincible America,” scholarships of $600 per month are being provided for each of the 1000 Vedic Pandits to cover the costs of housing, food, etc.

However, we must immediately cover the start-up costs of building the new campus—and continue to build until we have proper housing for 1,000 Vedic Pandits.

Therefore, now is the time for all of you who have who so kindly pledged to support the Vedic Pandits when they arrive to quickly fulfill your commitment. 

In this way, very soon—in just a matter of a week or two—we can have Maharishi’s Vedic Pandits performing group Yogic Flying and Yagyas in the heart of America!

With the arrival of the first 500 Vedic Pandits—along with Mother Divine and all the Invincible America Course participants—there will soon be 2,000 powerful, enlightened Yogic Flyers rising together to Brahman Consciousness under Maharishi’s guidance. America will quickly rise to invincibility—and serve as a lighthouse of invincibility and permanent peace for the whole family of nations. Maharishi is so pleased and excited at the prospect!

So, please send in your pledge for the Vedic Pandits. We need your support right away!

Please send your contribution to:

Global Country of World Peace Vedic Pandit Account
2000 Capital Boulevard, Maharishi Vedic City, IA 52556

Or make your contribution online.

Jai Guru Dev,

Dr. John Hagelin
Raja Bob Wynne
Dr. Bevan Morris

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