Monday December 4, 2006

Dear Supporters of the Vedic Pandits:


I am sure you have heard the wonderful news: Three hundred and forty Vedic Pandits have arrived in the Maharishi Vedic City/Fairfield community and are now creating a powerful upsurge of coherence and positivity for America and the world!

This is a great achievement—but we must not stop. We must complete the project. We must prepare to welcome to America the next 700 Vedic Pandits over the next several months—for a total of 1000.

One thousand Vedic Pandits in Maharishi Vedic City/Fairfield will ensure that the number of people practicing Yogic Flying here will always be maintained above the crucial Super Radiance number for the US, which is 1732—and guarantee invincibility for America.

Twice in recent days we have surpassed that number. However, the number of Yogic Flyers drops during holidays and weekends, and the numbers in the morning are still 300-400 shy of what we need.

That is why 1000 Vedic Pandits are essential for an Invincible America. Their Vedic routine not only includes Yogic Flying twice a day, but also other Vedic programs that enrich national consciousness in an extremely powerful way.

Right now, the 340 Vedic Pandits are staying on the Maharishi University of Management campus in six buildings. However, these buildings are almost full—and we need hundreds more places for more Vedic Pandits right away.

To permanently house all 1000 Pandits we must build as soon as possible an 80-acre, fortune-creating Vastu campus in Maharishi Vedic City so they can be all together in one group.

There is already considerable progress on the new campus. Thirty homes have now arrived to house 120 Pandits, and the infrastructure is going in to serve all 1000 Pandits.

Nearly 1600 donors have contributed to Pandit project over the past 30 months, from 48 states and 14 countries, and they have made it possible for the Pandits to be here now to help create an Invincible America—an America at peace—a Vedic America.

In particular, we all feel enormous gratitude to the Howard and Alice Settle Foundation for their extremely timely and generous support to the project by providing living expenses for all the Pandits.

Now, however, we need to quickly BUILD the new campus and complete the project. If you are among these original 1600 generous donors, it would be fantastic—and deeply appreciated—if you would contribute more to this urgent project. And if you are among the 250 others who originally pledged almost $2 million once the Pandits arrived—and have not yet given—now is the time to fulfill your pledge. Your support is absolutely crucial.

So we ask you to contribute now. To do that, you can simply click here to make an on-line secure credit card donation, either as a one-time donation or as a recurring donation. Or you can mail a check to Vedic Pandits for America, Global Country of World Peace, 2000 Capital Boulevard, Maharishi Vedic City, IA 52556.


Vedic Pandits visiting the Vedic Observatory
in Maharishi Vedic City on November 26, 2006

Jai Guru Dev

Dr. John Hagelin
Raja Wynne
Dr. Bevan Morris

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