Dear Supporters of the Vedic Pandits Creating Invincibility for America,

It is a very great joy to provide this update on the Vedic Pandits here in Maharishi Vedic City and to describe our future plans and how you can help assure that America and the world have peace and prosperity far into the future.

Let us look at where we are now.

  • October was the three-year anniversary of the arrival of the Vedic Pandits in America. In the first year we averaged 404 Vedic Pandits each month, in the second year 685, and this year 960. Over the last two months we had 1040 here helping to crown America with invincibility.
  • In the last three years we have built with your help a Vedic Pandit campus consisting of a quarter million square feet of housing, dining, meditation halls, Vedic performance halls, recreation buildings, sports fields, lake and parks. We now have enough capacity on the Vedic Pandit campus to comfortably accommodate 1250 Vedic Pandits.
  • The Vedic Pandits are a powerful peace-creating group that currently contributes more than 50% of the Super Radiance number for the United States every morning and evening. In addition, they conduct Vedic recitations that create a profound effect on the coherence and quality of life in America.
  • The Vedic Pandits are living a perfect Vedic lifestyle—living in Maharishi Sthapatya Veda housing, meditating long hours, eating high quality food prepared by their own Brahman cooks according to Vedic tradition, and spending many hours a day in Vedic recitations and study.
  • Every aspect of campus life is on a grand scale. Our 1000 Vedic Pandits consume 20,000 pounds of fresh vegetables and fruit each week, 1400 gallons of milk, 8000 pounds of rice and wheat, 2000 pounds of legumes, 2000 pounds of organic sunflower oil and ghee, 700 pounds of sugar and 500 pounds of spices. They use 4000 flowers every day in their Vedic performances. When we buy replacement sandals or tennis shoes, parkas, toothbrushes, notebooks, laundry soap, etc., we purchase 1000 at a time. And while here, the Vedic Pandits stay in constant contact with their families and friends in India, originating more than 1000 phone calls a day to India.
  • All this has been made possible by 9000 separate donations—a tremendous level of support that has brought America to the level of invincibility, peace and coherence that it has today. We know the donors feel great pride and fulfillment that they have created a more positive destiny for themselves, their families, their work, and their nation. Supporters of the Vedic Pandits also have the added benefit of being able to attend Vedic recitations from time to time on the campus and experience first hand the enlivenment of total natural law.

Where do we go from here?

  • Expand the number of Vedic Pandits in America from 1050 to 1250 to assure our collective Super Radiance numbers are greater than 2000 morning and evening. The accommodations and infrastructure are already in place and we have economies of scale with so many Vedic Pandits already here, so the cost for each additional Vedic Pandits is about $600 per month.
  • Support one replacement Vedic Pandit in India for every Vedic Pandit here. Since it takes many years to properly train Vedic Pandits, and our Pandits in India are on full room, board and tuition scholarship, our Indian organization has requested that we support at least one Vedic Pandit in India for every Vedic Pandit here, so that there will always be a replacement Pandit available in India as Pandits leave here to go back to India. The cost of supporting a replacement Vedic Pandit in India is $200 a month and has the additional benefit of creating a larger Super Radiance group for India.
  • Provide Vedic organic produce for the Vedic Pandits and for everyone else in the community. Although the Vedic Pandits consume mostly organic food some of their specialized foods are difficult to find organically most of the year. We have been able to provide some of this produce through Maharishi Vedic City Organic Farms, a non-profit entity established by Maharishi Vedic City to provide food for the Vedic Pandits. Now Maharishi Vedic City Organic Farms is expanding this concept by importing organic produce directly from farmers in warmer climates and bypassing intermediate distributors. This will reduce food costs for the Vedic Pandits and provide year around organic food. And with the blessings of our Indian leaders, we will begin to transform organic produce to Vedic organic produce through live Vedic recitations during different stages of a plant’s life cycle. This procedure produces a higher vibratory level and nutrition quality in food and can only be done by Vedic Pandits performing specific Vedic recitations. We will offer Vedic organic food as well to the community and around the country and profit from these sales will be used to further sustain the Vedic Pandit group in America.

How can you help?

Please provide support for the additional 200 Vedic Pandits for America, for the 1250 replacement Vedic Pandits in India, and for the initiative for creating year-around Vedic organic food for the Vedic Pandits and for the community. You can make one-time or recurring contributions on-line or by check to either Global Country of World Peace or to Maharishi Vedic City. Please feel free to specify, if you wish, how you would like your contribution(s) to be used. It will be our joy to fulfill your desire.

Thank you for your on-going generous support. We are now at that point where every contribution creates an instantaneous result, strengthening the foundation of peace and invincibility for America, India, and the world.

Jai Guru Dev

Raja Wynne
Mayor of Maharishi Vedic City

Our Vedic Pandits in America. Please click on photo.


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