A renewed resolve to increase super radiance numbers:

Dr. Bevan Morris speaks to the Invincible America Assembly

(Dr. Morris, Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, connects almost daily to conduct Assembly experience meetings)

Dr. Bevan Morris

When a person waters the root of life, when they begin to experience the transcendental field of their own existence, which is the treasure house of inexhaustible energy, and intelligence, and harmony and bliss—then that as we know gets infused into their lives and their lives become so much better. They evolve, they grow, and they start to live in such a way that automatically their actions are in harmony with the laws of nature...

Maharishi also gave another version of watering the root, which we are practicing here in the Invincible America Assembly—the group of Yogic Fliers who are watering the root of life of the whole community, of the whole nation. Maharishi’s supreme objective was to create groups of such size that we could water the root of life of the entire world. Dr. Settle, as you know, is working on that.

We know Maharishi's teaching to us was that when the Kali Yuga turns into the Sat Yuga, suddenly, it only happens through groups—the groups of the enlightened are the trigger. A group can quietly create an influence, where even those who didn't have the proclivity to transcend begin to feel the warmth of transcendence rising in their lives. . . It is possible to really reset the whole trend of human life and the trend of time in a favorable direction, a blissful direction, a direction free from all misery that has been created by the ignorance of total Natural Law.

We have just the quiet responsibility to make sure that the world gets the full advantage of it. I think we can all say we would like most for more people to join us here in the IA Assembly, and for more people to live in this community. First of all, it would make such a difference to our own experiences. Also, that will water the root of life of the nation and of the world, in an even much more effective way than we are already doing.

I hope that will be the high sankalp, the high resolution, of every member here. Can I bring another person, can I bring another family, can I bring more people to join, could more people join Mother Divine, could more people join Purusha who would be free to do so now? And for more people to come forward and support having 8,000 Vedic Pandits and then 16,000 and [all] that Maharishi wanted to be taking care of the whole world. This is a good quiet resolution for us all to have; I know we do, but it's good for us to keep it lively—that we would like to have this effect.

The larger we get here, the more our umbrella of protection and softness and warmth will reach everywhere, to neighboring countries as well, on our minds in light of the recent natural disaster.

So we are the specialists in taking care of everybody in the world. We are doing it, and I hope we will do it even more and more successfully, do justice to what Maharishi gave to us—express our thanks to him by doing that, and continue to do it joyfully, blissfully through the rest of our lives and set the world in the right direction forever.




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