Invincible America

A message to all Sidhas from the
Maharishi Purusha Program
At the Invincible America Assembly

Purusha is having a remarkable, deeply fulfilling experience at the Invincible America Assembly and we invite all Sidhas to come. Maharishi created the Maharishi PurushaSM program and the Mother DivineSM program for single people who choose to dedicate themselves to the most rapid pace of evolution possible. Every aspect of their program was carefully designed by Maharishi for this purpose.

Last November 120 members of Purusha arrived from Maharishi’s home in Vlodrop, Holland and from Livingston Manor, New York to join the Invincible America Assembly in Fairfield. Maharishi had invited Purusha to “enjoy a feast of experiences”. Since then Purusha has been fully participating in the Assembly and deeply enjoying the indescribable atmosphere created by 1800 Yogic Flyers and 550 Maharishi Vedic Pandits. Our Purusha group has been all over the world doing our program, but being here at this time, participating in the Invincible America assembly under Maharishi's care and guidance, has been one of the most evolutionary phases in our 25-year history.

Here are two typical comments from Purusha members:

“I can honestly say that total knowledge has never before been so clear to me as it is here, and my progress towards Unity Consciousness has never been so rapid or so satisfying. I have been deeply gratified by my level of experience, and by the profound guidance that Maharishi has been giving to the Assembly, removing any obstacles that may stand in the way of a Sidha’s progress to Enlightenment. It must be the time. Make hay when the sun shines. I look forward to our exceeding 2000 and I warmly invite everyone in our world family to join us on campus and in Maharishi Vedic City for this great feast of knowledge and experience.”

“For me the Invincible America Assembly is the pinnacle of my Purusha experience and life growing up in Maharishi’s Movement. Over the years we have experienced the power of Maharishi's Vedic pandits chanting the hymns of the Veda, the historic World Peace Assemblies where we briefly participated in powerful Super Radiance groups, and Maharishi's direct attention on our daily experiences. Here Maharishi has brought all these together, exploring and guiding our every experience in the light of Unity—all to quickly bring about our joyful realization of Aham Brahmasmi—I am Totality.”

Describing the Invincible America Assembly, Maharishi has repeatedly said that our primary aim is to enjoy bliss and hasten our own Enlightenment, with Heaven on Earth and permanent world peace as a wonderful by-product. We want to personally invite you, along with your family and friends, to take advantage of this incredible opportunity which Maharishi has created for us all. Being here amongst the various groups—550 Maharishi Vedic Pandits, Maharishi's Purusha and Mother Divine groups, more than 1000 other pioneers of Invincibility—is truly a transforming experience. As our numbers grow, it is clear that the benefits increase for ourselves, for the USA and for the world.

Come and join the Assembly now—for a week, a month, a season, or, better yet, permanently.