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2,000 Yogic Flyers

For an Invincible America
Nourishing the Whole World

Q. Is it true that there is as much as $350 per month in financial support to those who need support and are able to commit for one calendar month or more.
A. Yes!

Q: When should I come to the Invincible America Assembly?
A: “Do it quickly. Time and tide wait for none. Here is the opportunity. Don’t lose it. There is not much to think about it. Do it quickly.” — Maharishi

WHY 2,000?

What is the significance of the number 2,000?
To create national invincibility, the requirement is to have the square root of 1% of the U.S. population (300 million), i.e., 1,730 practicing Yogic Flying together in one place for several hours morning and evening. For a safety margin, Maharishi has advised us to establish a permanent Yogic Flying group in excess of that number — 2,000 Yogic Flyers.

2,000 Yogic Flyers flying together in Bliss and Unity will generate an intense coherence in collective consciousness, enough to create a phase transition to an integrated and invincible national consciousness where negativity will disappear and positivity will be enjoyed by all 300 million Americans; this will be a great blessing to the whole world; this coherence-creating effect has been demonstrated by our experience in all parts of the world over the past 36 years, and scientifically validated in 50 scientific research studies. For example, in Holland 400 Yogic Flyers at MERU with Maharishi (the square root of one per cent of the nation’s population) has created an extraordinary rise of positivity in national life in the past five months, as scrupulously recorded by Dr. Paul Gelderloos, the Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace in Holland.

What effects can we expect from being together in a group of 2,000 Yogic Flyers?

  • Profound deepening of experiences, increase of bliss, and acceleration of development of higher consciousness in the midst of the 2,000 most enlightened and dedicated Yogic Flyers in America; a thick atmosphere of peace, bliss, purity, and evolutionary impulses from every side; the opportunity to fly without limit, unboundedness, freedom from time constraints; the joy and fulfillment of knowing that you are spending your precious hours on this Earth passionately pursuing the highest and noblest profession possible in any of the cycles of time — rising to Unity Consciousness and being the creator of permanent world peace and the dawn of a golden age on Earth when the Constitution of the Universe — Total Natural Law itself — administers life as Heaven on Earth in every nation, and the world family is united. Day by day during the Invincible America Assembly, more and more participants have had “#1 experiences” — experiences of rising Brahman Consciousness — unity flowing in the infinite dynamism of Total Natural Law and expressing itself in the physiology and in the whole universe.
  • Growth of positivity and peaceful trends in national life; increased affluence, good fortune and creativity in the national economy; protection against negative and destructive influences; and increased happiness — a new morning in national life of hope and peace, reflecting the rise of integration of national consciousness to national invincibility that you will create with your fellow Yogic Flyers.


  • The Royal Road (with financial support as necessary) — Come for as long as you can (or even permanently!) and enjoy the beautiful 6-hour program Maharishi has designed. For those who need financial assistance, the Maharishi Foundation — through funding made possible by donors with a profound dedication to creating world peace and the invincibility, progress, and success of our nation and the individual — is offering grants of up to $350 per calendar month to U.S. residents. If you are a U.S. Resident or Lawful Permanent Resident (Green Card), you may also take a job to help support yourself working about two hours a day. For those with more means, new and existing Vastu housing is available. More information on financial support, housing, and jobs is found below. If you are not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, please see your options in the section below, “What about financial assistance?”
  • Twice-daily program — Enjoy great experiences in long program morning and afternoon and take care of business or family responsibilities during the day.
  • Student — Earn a degree at Maharishi International University while enjoying these programs. Funding for enrolled U.S. students would be through Federal loans and aid.
  • Faculty or staff — Work for Maharishi International University, Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment, Maharishi Vedic City, The Raj or Maharishi World Peace Vedic Organics and enjoy long program twice daily with these large and growing groups.
  • Mother Divine / Maharishi University of Enlightenment — Join this beautiful program for single ladies.
  • Maharishi Purusha program — Join this 24-hour bliss program for single men.

What if I can come for only a few weeks or a month?
Please come! Come for whatever length of time you can. You may start and end anytime you wish. We need absolutely EVERYONE. Come and get deep rest and rejuvenation and deep experiences and contribute something to national invincibility and world peace.

Please note that for those needing financial assistance, you are more than welcome to come for as little as one calendar month.

What if I cannot commit to doing program with the group twice each day?
Again, please come and do whatever you can do. Everything counts.

How do I apply?
Whether you live in or out of Fairfield, please apply online at:


You will receive an acceptance by email, with all the guidelines you will need. Registration will be at the Gate Ridge Court building on the University campus, 1100 North Fourth Street.

Registration Hours: 1:30 pm to 3:45 pm, Monday–Saturday, except holidays.
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For questions about your acceptance please call 641-472-1212 between 10:30 – 4:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday.


You will enjoy a restful routine and beautiful rounding program with three long Yogic Flying sessions each day; special lectures that were given to the Assembly by Maharishi; daily experience meetings with Dr. Bevan Morris and occasionally Dr. John Hagelin; as well as daily replays of key tapes and other events.

Can I enroll part-time?
Yes. This means you would do one round in the morning and one round in the afternoon — and take care of your work or family responsibilities during the day. Even two long rounds each day with the group is blissful and powerful and much needed for world consciousness.


There is no fee. Participants need to cover the cost of food and lodging; for more information, click on “Lodging, Food, and Travel Info” in the left-hand sidebar of this website.


The Maharishi Foundation USA is generously providing grants of up to $350 per calendar month to US residents. Maharishi International University has a limited amount of housing that will fit within this budget.

How do I apply?
Please click on this link for the application.

How are these grants disbursed?
US residents will receive their grant during the first 7-10 days of the month following the first month of participation in the grants program. Canadian residents will receive their grant through the Global Country of World Peace in Canada during the month following their first month of participation in the grants program. This is intended to supplement other resources or income from part-time work in the afternoon. See below for more detail on housing and meal options.

International Sponsorship Program (ISP) recipients who stay on the MIU campus in building 109, 111, or 150 receive a degree of sponsorship for their accommodations. They also receive a 10-meal card for use at Annapurna dining hall for each month that they are sponsored. They will need to purchase all other meals. Annapurna dining hall, where meals can be purchased, is within walking distance of their room and the domes on the MIU campus.

A second option for International Sponsorship Program recipients is sponsorship for their accommodations at the IdeaLife Campus (ILC). They will need to purchase all meals or food and will need transportation to do that. Shared kitchens are in the resident buildings at ILC. No meal cards are given to ISP at ILC.

A third option for ISP recipients is to pay for their own lodging at ILC or otherwise find their own lodging in Maharishi Vedic City or Fairfield not including MIU. They will probably need to have transportation depending on where they stay. A 35-meal card will be available for Annapurna for their first month when paying for their own lodging. For subsequent months, if they choose to continue to pay for or find their own lodging, the number of meal cards received will be based on their attendance during the previous month. For example, 80% attendance will be sponsored with a 30-meal card.

Are there attendance requirements for those receiving financial assistance?
Grant funds are limited, and we want them to go to those who can most fully participate in the Assembly. It is expected that those receiving the grant will be able to attend 70% of the sessions each calendar month. The more you attend, the larger your grant check will be. Anyone with less than 70% will not be eligible to receive the grant and will need to pay for their housing.

It is expected that those participating in the International Sponsorship Program will have 80% attendance each calendar month; anyone with less than 75% will need to pay for their housing partially for equal or above 70% and completely for less than 70%

What if I can’t live on this amount — can I get financial assistance for more?
This is the support available at this time. We encourage you to find additional sponsors, or a part-time job on campus or in town, if you need more support.

Is this grant available to people from other countries?
Canadians who have a financial need can receive support towards the cost of attending the Invincible America Assembly from the Global Country of World Peace in Canada. Fill out the applications for the Assembly and Financial Support available at the top of the page in the left-hand corner. Also contact your National Leader,

Yogic Flyers from other countries are eligible for the International Sponsorship Program at Maharishi International University. You will need to fill out the applications for financial support and the Assembly available at the top of this page in the left-hand corner.

In addition, you will need a letter from your National Leader stating that (a) you are a Sidha or Governor in good standing in your country, and (b) that because you have provided services to your nation through participation in programs for creating coherence and/or through consciousness-based teaching activities, you are deemed deserving of the MIU International Sponsorship Program. We can provide a letter template for your National Leader to use for this purpose.

Are Maharishi International University students eligible for this grant?
Yes, during summer vacation they may participate for the calendar month of July.

Is this financial support taxable?
As a foundation grant, it is subject to income tax in the United States. We assume most course participants do not have sufficient income including this grant to have any tax liability — or any significant tax liability for federal or state income tax. So if your total income including this grant is less than the miniMIU on which tax is due, then the grant would not be subject to tax. We suggest you consult with your tax expert if you have any questions about your personal situation.

Can a person get this grant if they can’t devote 6 (six) hours of program due to family or other reasons?

Can I get help for transportation/moving expenses to relocate to Fairfield?
Support for these expenses is not available at this time.

Is health insurance available?
We ask people to cover their own health insurance.

What if I have further questions about the grant program?
Please contact the IAA Grants Office at regarding any grant concerns.

What is the best time to come?
We will be happy to have you come at any time. However to make your arrival as comfortable as possible, please fill out the Assembly and Financial Support forms at least one calendar month before you plan to arrive. The Financial Support forms need to be received between the first and 12th day of that month to be processed by the end of the month. People needing to make plane reservations in advance of leaving will want to apply at least two months in advance to receive a timely acceptance.


Yes — there’s no better time. The Center Invincibility Course (CIC) begins with the In-Center portion, which may be taken locally or in Fairfield. To apply, preferably email, or call 641 209-1878.

Each In-Center portion involves four consecutive evening meetings a week for three consecutive weeks. Please allow about two hours for each meeting.

Rising Sidhas who have already completed the In-Center portion of the TM-Sidhi course may apply for the upcoming Flying Block or for a subsequent block.

How do I apply?

  • Apply through your nearest Transcendental Meditation Program Center and, when you are accepted, come here for the course (do not come before you have been accepted). Your home center may contact us at If you need only the Flying Block to complete the TM-Sidhi course, please apply directly by emailing, or call 641 472-1174.
  • If you live in Fairfield or Maharishi Vedic City — Call Wally Devasier at 919-8188.

Are there prerequisites for this course?
Yes. You need to have been practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique regularly for at least two months by the start of the course, and you need to take a weekend Residence Course prior to beginning the course. People applying outside of the Fairfield, Iowa area need to have four Advanced Techniques before applying for the program. For questions, please call Wally Devasier at (641) 919-8188.


Yes, many Advanced Programs are readily available in Fairfield and Maharishi Vedic City.

  • Advanced Techniques of the Transcendental Meditation program — offered periodically, miniMIU requirement is 2 months between techniques.
  • Maharishi Ayurveda health evaluations and treatments — you can schedule these at The Raj Resort and Spa, 641 472-9580.
  • Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology (MVVT) — also available on an on-going basis. Please call 641-469-6706 or 800-431-9680 for further information.
  • TM-Sidhi Program Consultations or checking — offered by TM-Sidhi Program Administrators, Drs. Doug and Linda Birx. The modest fee supports the building of Fairfield's two new Peace Palaces. Call 470-1569.
  • Maharishi Gandharva Veda concerts — are regularly performed on the University campus. They are announced in the Golden Domes.


Please click here for further information.


Please see Our Lodging, Food, and Travel Info page.


What about jobs for those on the 6-hour program?
There are some jobs (for U.S. citizens) that people can do for about two hours a day to help support themselves on the 6-hour program. These will be in a variety of fields and will be publicized in the program areas as they become available.

Is there help for moving my business to Fairfield?
Yes. Call the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce at 641-472-2111.

What if I have ideas for jobs?
Please email Dr. Scott Herriott at Dr. Herriott is leading the group of businesspeople who are identifying and creating jobs.


You can take part in any of the University’s undergraduate or graduate programs and participate twice daily in the Invincible America program while earning a degree. Student life includes periodic opportunities to enjoy the full 6-hour program. U.S. students and permanent residents are eligible for Federal financial aid that will cover all or most costs of these programs. Please visit


This summer children can greet every day with enthusiasm and excitement. Maharishi School will be offering a fun-filled program in its beautiful new outdoor Nature Explore Classroom. Children ages 4-10 may attend for one week at a time, or for the entire summer program from June 13-July 29, 9:00am until noon.

Here are the programs that will be offered: 

Younger campers in preschool through kindergarten will discover the wonders of nature in a playful, learning environment. Chirp, chirp! Your little camper will be all a-flutter during a week of outdoor fun! Campers investigate nature each day through gardening, puppet shows, water and sand play, games, nature crafts and more. Activities will be geared towards meeting individual needs of younger campers with the perfect blend of nurture, adventure and creative expression.

Our older campers in grades 1-4 will develop new skills through games and activities such as badminton, relays, Capture the Flag, drama, charades, improv and skits, that emphasize growth, teamwork and fun. Maharishi School’s Nature Explore Classroom is an inspiring setting to embrace the arts and develop talents. Campers will enjoy hands-on discovery, but also reflect on the beautiful, weird and funky aspects of nature and wildlife through art projects. They will explore paint, printmaking, and recycled sculpture.

Every Friday is “Special Events Day” and includes Crazy Hat Parade, Scavenger Hunt, Talent Show, Backwards Day, July Fourth Picnic and Campers Choice Awards.

The weekly rate is $125.00 with discounts given for attending multiple weeks. Also, there is a 10% discount for additional children. An “Early Bird” registration fee is offered if registration and payment is submitted no later than June 1. Space is limited and Early Bird registration gives priority. To register, please email Laura Bordow at  with the following information: Child’s name, age, grade completed, dates attending camp, and parent’s name, address and phone #. If you have questions, you may email or phone Laura at 641-472-9400, ext. #5070.

To schedule a visit to Maharishi School click here.

To learn about our Boarding School click here.


You can support the effort in these ways:

  • Participate yourself — every person counts for so much.
  • Call all the Sidhas you know and encourage them to come. Encourage Meditators you know to come and take advantage of the financial support opportunity to learn the TM-Sidhi course. Maharishi even said, “Tell them to drag their friends from their homes!”
  • Sponsor one or more Sidhas you know to come.
  • Contribute to the financial support fund to support other Sidhas and the expenses of the course.
    • To contribute online, click on “Support Invincible America Yogic Flyers” in the left-hand sidebar of this website.
    • To contribute by mail, please make your check payable to Maharishi International University, and put Invincible America Yogic Flyers in the memo section. (We cannot accept donations designated for specific individuals.) Send your contribution to MIU Development Office, 1000 N. 4th St., Fairfield, IA 52557.
  • Help create jobs in Fairfield either by moving your company here or identifying jobs in your company that can be done in Fairfield and Maharishi Vedic City.

“This is a critical time and a tremendous opportunity for all of us. We cannot afford to fall back from what we have accomplished so far. We need to sustain and build upon what we have created over these past weeks — and create true and lasting invincibility for our nation and peace for our world family.”

— Dr. John Hagelin


Yes. If you’re not yet practicing the TM-Sidhi program, we encourage you to come and learn as soon as possible. For more on this program please see the subsection below.

For information on periodic Meditator Residence Courses, please call 641-472-1174.


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