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We are delighted to announce that there is no course fee for those participating in the Invincible America Assembly on the MIU campus. Information about accommodations and meals for those participating on the MIU campus follows.

Special IdeaLife Assembly Campus Option: Also listed below are details of the new option of housing and assembly participation on the IdeaLife Assembly campus.

MIU Campus Housing

The frat rooms are large, about 225 square feet. The lobbies and bathrooms are shared areas. There are no rooms with private bathrooms. Each frat is less than a three-minute walk to the domes.

Due to increasing student enrollment, housing on the MIU campus is very limited at this time. Therefore, it may not be available on the dates that you wish to attend. However, there is abundant housing available on the IdeaLife Assembly (ILA) campus at present (see next section below).


There is a 3-tier rate structure. The criterion for each is that you attend the Assembly group program regularly, twice daily, whether or not you are rounding.

  • Short-term stay (up to 7 days)
    $30/night for rooms with shared bath
    $50/night for rooms with private bath — these rooms are in very short supply
  • 8–14 days
    $17/night for rooms with shared bath
  • 15 days or more
    $8.33/night for rooms with shared bath

There is a $50.00 room reservation fee. For international sponsorship recipients, it will be refunded at check out. For others, it is credited to the housing bill upon their arrival.

A $250 deposit is required of everyone staying a month or longer (except international sponsorship recipients). This deposit will be refunded once you depart campus and the room is found to be in good condition and all rents have been paid. If you need more information, please contact the Housing Dept. directly.

Maharishi Sthapatya-Ved Accommodations

Small Vastu rooms with private bath are occasionally available on the MIU campus during June and July.

  • Short-term stay (less than 2 weeks)
  • 14 days up to one month
    $30/night or $750/month, whichever is lower
  • One month or more stay

IdeaLife Assembly Campus Housing

Assembly fee covering room and assembly participation:

  • 1 person — Two-room suite, private bathroom, shared kitchen:
    Rate: $49 / night , capped at $525/month, includes utilities & WiFi. One time cleaning fee of $45.
  • 2 people — Two-room suite, private bathroom, shared kitchen:
    Rate: $65 / night , capped at $750/month, includes utilities & WiFi. One time cleaning fee of $45.

For more information or to make a booking for the IdeaLife Assembly Campus call (641) 451-7331, or email campusmanager@tm.org, or press APPLY

Please note that couples’ accommodation is available on this campus whereas it is not available on the MIU campus.

The IdeaLife Assembly Campus contains beautiful flying halls, meeting hall, and recreation room. It is in close proximity to the Maharishi Vedic Pandit campus. There is a lake, and 22 acres of grassy walk-and-talk area. Everyone comments on the deep silence and sweet feeling on this campus.

  • IAA Grant participation: You may participate in the IAA Grant program on this campus.
  • Housing Agreement: There is a standard housing agreement form and campus rules form to be completed on arrival.
  • Meals: On this campus facilities are provided for Assembly participants to cook for themselves, or share cooking with usually about 3 or 4 other participants. Each 4-suite building has a fully equipped kitchen and dining area. You will be responsible for buying your food.
  • International sponsorship IAA participants on the IdeaLife Assembly campus will be provided with accommodation at no charge. You will be responsible for buying your food.
  • Wi-Fi: There is Wi-Fi in the suite buildings, and Ethernet in the cottages.
  • Transportation: Residents are responsible for their own transportation. However there is an on-demand bus that will take you into Fairfield for $4.00 each way. Bookings need to made 24 hours in advance. This campus, located in Maharishi Vedic City, is 6 miles from Fairfield and the MIU campus.

Peace Palace Accommodations

A small number of rooms are available in the Vastu Peace Palaces. The Peace Palaces are conveniently located across Highway One from the Patanjali Golden Dome in the heart of campus. These are spacious, private rooms with queen-size beds and ample attached baths. Charges for these accommodations are:
$450/week ($65/night)
$1500/month ($50/night)

For Peace Palace reservations ONLY, please call 641-472-1174 or 641-919-1300 or 641-919-8188 after hours.

Off-Campus Housing

  • If you’ll have transportation in Fairfield, please consider joining the Assembly on the IdeaLife Campus or do your best to find off-campus lodging.
  • If you won’t have your own transportation, there are rooms in Fairfield within walking distance of campus. There is a dedicated website for off-campus housing: housing.invincibleamerica.org
    Please note that, as with any other accommodation website, the moderators of this site do not inspect the rentals, so please ask as many questions as you can before renting, or better, see the facility or have a friend visit it if possible.
  • You can also look for off-campus housing on websites such as www.airbnb.com or www.trulia.com.

Hotels, Motels and Bed & Breakfasts

Payment for hotel rooms should be settled directly with the hotel. Taxes will be added.

Maharishi Vedic City:

The Raj
Rates: $108-165
Package rates available for those combining a stay with treatments

Raj Manor
641 472-9580
Weekly stays, $525

Rukmapura Park Hotel
Four star Maharishi Sthapatya Veda Suites
Nightly and extended stays, special weekly and monthly rates


Landmark Inn
Just off the Fairfield town square
Rates: $39–54

Americinn Motel

Seven Roses Inn
Charming B&B on Rte. 34/Burlington Avenue east near park
Rates: $100-140

Super 8 Motel
Burlington Avenue west
Rates: $57–61

Best Western Fairfield Inn
Burlington Avenue west
Rates: $84–94


At the Argiro Student Center, individuals living on or off campus may purchase meal passes for Annapurna dining hall at the MIU Bookstore as long as capacity permits. Prices are:

  • 1 meal: $10
  • 5 meals: $47.50
  • 10 meals: $95
  • 20 meals: $190
  • 30 meals: $279

Lunch and dinner are $10.00 each if bought at the door.
Students and alumni get a discount of about 10% on the above prices.

Also on campus is Vishwa Shanti Cafe in the Argiro Student Center and the Golden Dome Market Cafe near the domes.

In addition, Assembly participants may enjoy eating at the many fine restaurants in Fairfield.


The Eastern Iowa Airport (CID) near Cedar Rapids, Iowa, approximately 1.5 hours away, is our nearest commonly used airport. The ground transportation fees vary but are approximately $90–$95 US from the airport to Fairfield.

From the Chicago International Airport, O’Hare, to Burlington, Iowa, Air Choice One (www.airchoiceone.com) offers a commuter flight for $45 USD. Burlington is a one hour drive away from Fairfield and the drivers charge around $70 USD.

Other airports are further away and more costly for ground transportation, although flights may be cheaper.

  • Des Moines International Airport (DSM) is about 2 hours away.
  • Quad Cities International Airport (MLI) in Moline is about 2 hours away.
  • The Chicago area airports are about 5 hours away.
  • Amtrak stops in Mt. Pleasant (nearest stop coming from Chicago) and in Ottumwa (nearest stop coming from the west).
  • There is a Trailways Bus station in Fairfield.

Drivers (Airport, Train Station, Local):

Cars can be rented at Hertz Rent-A-Car (641-682-1664) or Enterprise Rent-A-Car (641-682-2020) in Ottumwa, IA, which is 25 miles from Fairfield. One of their drivers can pick you up and take you to their office to get a rental car.

Taxicab service

TM Information Center

The TM Information Center is a year-round resource for off-campus lodging, food, dining, transportation to and from airports and around town, medical resources, shopping and supplies, local maps when visitors come through Fairfield, information about TM activities both locally and throughout the country, and much more.

Contact information:
The TM Information Center
110 N Main St., Fairfield, IA 52556 (just off the town square next door to Revelations Cafe)
Tel: (641) 209-7060
Email: ff@tm.org

You will find a friendly face, a cup of tea, some chocolates, a very comfortable setting to relax, and knowledgeable answers to most any inquiry at the TM Information Center. It is the Center’s mission to give support, and supply information about Fairfield and Maharishi Vedic City, to both visitors and residents.

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