Invincible America

Invitation to all Sidhas
from the Ladies in the
Bagambhrini Golden Dome:


You can choose your own arrival and departure dates. Housing on campus is plentiful this summer, and there is additional housing available in private homes. Or, if you have friends in the area, you could let them know you want to come — many people enjoy hosting their friends.

Here are comments from participants, some doing the full Invincible America program and others who come morning and evening and work during the day:

“When this Invincible America course started last July, I had no idea that it would be so incredible, so full. It is clear listening to experiences from fellow participants that people are making quantum leaps in their evolution of consciousness due to the Vedic pundits and the large group all together. What a profound and fulfilling journey. Come and join your enlightened family in the BLISS-FULL atmosphere and have the most sublime experiences of your life!” — Linda, Fairfield, Town Super Radiance

“The Invincible America course has been a wonderful gift for me. I’m enjoying deep rest, rejuvenation, and a deepening of experiences. I’m also experiencing more support of nature, and I’ve met some wonderful course participants from around the world.” — Leora, USA, Invincible America Assembly

“I’m really happy to participate in this beautiful festival of light and joy. I strongly feel that the peaceful influence of this Assembly is spreading around all over the world, helping and inspiring all countries to rise to the state of invincibility. It’s such a blessing to be here and to share these precious moments with all the Invincible America course participants. Thank you so much for this great opportunity!” — Anna, Ukraine, IA Assembly

And from long-time members of the Maharishi University of Management community:

“Ever since the Invincible America Assembly started, the already blissful atmosphere has become thicker — like being wrapped in a divine cashmere blanket of bliss. It’s hard to imagine how life could be sweeter. Desires are easy to fulfill, experiences are growing rapidly and we are surrounded by enlightened friends. Here in Fairfield, we are truly living in heaven now, and it just gets better every day.” — Linda, MUM Faculty

“The Invincible America course is a great blessing to the entire super radiance community. With course participants, the Mother Divine program, Thousand Headed Purusha, and Maharishi Vedic pandits, experiences in and out of the Golden Domes are rich and expansive. With rising numbers, the goals of the community are being fulfilled — Heaven on Earth is an emerging reality.” — Mary, MUM Staff

What Maharishi has tirelessly been working toward for 50 years is now blossoming in Totality. Come and join your enlightened family in the sublime atmosphere of the Golden Domes. Come and fly high with us and enjoy the amazing experiences of this special course. Create bliss in your own physiology while creating Invincibility for America.

We look forward to welcoming you!

The ladies in the Bagambhrini Golden Dome of Pure Knowledge