Invincible America

The Maharishi Patanjali Golden Dome
of Pure Knowledge is once again
a beautiful Golden Dome

  • New roof — A newly insulated foam roof finished with a deep rich gold now crowns the men’s dome.
  • Upgraded entryway — Has been upgraded with new ceramic floor tiles and new paint and woodwork. The coatroom has 40% more coat hooks.
  • Renovated bathrooms — New ceramic floor tiles, new paint and woodwork, and all new fixtures, including new sinks and mirrors, and a new, more powerful ventilation system.
  • Deep-cleaned interior — Has been scrubbed and vacuumed, including the entire ceiling.
  • Clean duct work — A professional outfit has been hired to clean all the ventilation and duct work throughout the Dome, ensuring pure air.
  • New curtains — Will surround the interior perimeter, and two broken windows have been replaced.
  • New foam — Is being shipped in from Europe and will replace the existing foam in about a month. New fire bags have been ordered for all the new foam.
  • New parking — We also plan this fall to add additional parking on the south side of the Dome.
  • Overflow space — For anyone wanting to stretch out a bit, over-flow flying halls for the men will include either Utopia Hall or frat Lobbies 106 and 150.

Let’s fill it!

Let’s resolve to fill our beautifully remodeled Golden Domes of Pure Knowledge twice each day with blissfully rested Yogic Flyers. Let’s remember why Maharishi inspired these incredible structures to be built with such devotion almost 30 years ago — and let’s finally fulfill Maharishi’s vision and reach and maintain our goal of 2,500 Yogic Flyers and make our nation invincible, give peace to our world family, and gain Unity Consciousness ourselves.

By the end of the year 500 more Vedic Pandits will be here — but let’s not wait, let’s start now, every day is so precious.

Grand Re-Entry on Friday September 28 !!!!!!

All men Yogic Flyers should plan to be back in the Maharishi Patanjali Golden Dome of Pure Knowledge for afternoon program on Friday, September 28. We will have a grand celebration to inaugurate our beautified Dome — and the beginning of our rapid rise to our national Super Radiance threshold.

Jai Guru Dev