Invincible America

December 2, 2008

Dear Governors and Sidhas,

We extend a warm invitation to our Sidha family throughout North America to join us for a World Peace Assembly (WPA) in the environment of the ongoing Invincible America Course. Assembly participants will be able to attend from December 23rd to December 30th, and from December 31st to January 8th, with the option to attend for both weeks.

IA Assembly

You will enjoy the profound program and environment of the Invincible America Course as well as the features of the World Peace Assembly for maximum rest and rejuvenation.

Housing on the MUM campus is available for WPA participants.


All out-of-town Assembly participants will have the unique opportunity to sit for at least one session with our Maharishi Vedic Pandits and bask in the sublime reverberations of an Ati Rudrabhishek Yagya performance. Each week’s participants will be able to attend a yagya performance.

Option of spending Dec. 31st to January 8th in Silence

The routine, including dining, will support those who wish to spend this time in silence, enriching the profound depth of experience normally enjoyed by course participants.

Talks by Maharishi

Afternoon and evening meetings will feature precious lectures from Maharishi, including tapes of his addresses to the Invincible America Course.

Talks by Dr. John Hagelin and Dr. Bevan Morris

These two great leaders of Maharishi’s Movement will also address the Assembly.

The most powerful place in the world

More than 2,000 people are now participating in group program here. This includes Purusha, Mother Divine, and all our Fairfield and Maharishi Vedic City Sidhas, plus 1,055 Maharishi Vedic Pandits, whose Vedic performances create an unprecedented environment for growth towards enlightenment. A large CIC course and a Governor Recertification Course will further increase the numbers in the Dome.

The most sublime experiences

Invincible America course participants give daily reports of sublime “Number One” experiences of Unity Consciousness. Maharishi commented that he had been waiting 50 years to hear such experiences.

Delicious organic dining

Enjoy organic meals in Annapurna Dining Hall, located in the grand, new Maharishi Sthapatya Veda Argiro Student Center.

Give vital support to our nation and our new President

It is vital we maintain our Super Radiance numbers at a very high level at this delicate time of phase transition for the United States and the world.

Several hundred Maharishi Vedic Pandits, after two years of service, will be returning to their families in India, and our University students will be departing for the winter holidays.

Please come and join us for the World Peace Assembly in the blissful environment of the Invincible America Course.

Enjoy this unprecedented opportunity for truly deep rest, enlightenment and rejuvenation.

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