Saturday, July 22, 2006

EXCITING NEWS!  Maharishi will connect to the Course tomorrow after morning program in both Washington, DC and Fairfield / Maharishi Vedic City.

Maharishi will delve deeply into experiences with the Invincible America Course Participants—and conduct, in effect, a live TM-Sidhi refresher Course.

And he will continue to connect to the Course after morning rounds with great frequency.

This is an extraordinary blessing—a tremendous boon to all those who have stepped forward to create Invincible America and a peaceful world!

So all those who have not yet registered,


Dear Governors and Sidhas,

The response to the Invincible America Course thus far is encouraging! (For information about this course, view Thursday’s announcement.)

Seven hundred fifty (750) Yogic Flyers have applied thus far—about 650 to Fairfield and 100 to Washington, DC. And the applications are flowing in. I applaud all of you who have responded so quickly. You are true Founders of Invincibility for our nation.

BUT WE NEED MANY MORE. Only we can create an Invincible, powerfully peaceful America, and quench the fires of global conflict. We need to ALL pull together and build upon this response, in order to fulfill Maharishi’s urgent call for 2500 Yogic Flyers in Fairfield / Maharishi Vedic City and 1000 in our nation’s capital.

To increase the response in Washington, Raja Dean has added a very low-cost option to stay near the Bethesda Peace Palace at the Ramada Inn in Rockville, MD. The total course fee, including food and lodging, for this option is only $50 per day—a marvelous feat of negotiation by Raja Dean and his team. Please apply immediately. The Course is beginning today, and Washington, DC needs your coherence. So come as soon as possible!

REMEMBER, creating an Invincible America and world peace is a side effect of your own blissful experience and growing Enlightenment during this “sumptuous and sublime” course. Highlights of this historic course include:

  1. Regular calls and close guidance from Maharishi
  2. Three long, blissful rounds of extended Sidhis and Yogic Flying
  3. TM-Sidhi Refresher Course to ensure that all CPs are enjoying the most profound and blissful experiences with the Sidhis
  4. A beautiful program of deep knowledge and inspiration
  5. Opportunity for Advanced Technique instruction
  6. Visits by international guests, Vaidyas and other Vedic experts
  7. Gala concerts and celebrations

You will always find many reasons why you cannot come. But there is one overriding reason why you MUST come: The world is at war. We need an Invincible America NOW. Please make your plans to come today. Spend these next critical weeks enjoying true bliss and creating real peace.



For those traveling to Fairfield, please register at the Gateridge Court Office Building, across Highway 1 from the main campus. Registration will be open from 10:30 am to 12:00 noon, 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm, and 7:45 pm to 9:00 pm.

For those traveling to Washington, DC, please register at the Bethesda Peace Palace, 5504 Edson Lane, North Bethesda, MD. If you need assistance in finding the Peace Palace, call 301-770-5690.


John Hagelin

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