Sunday July 30, 2006


“Close the eyes to stir the Constitution of the Universe—engage the almighty power of Total Natural Law, the Treasury of God—then open the eyes and . . . cash in! This is your next phase of training: to begin to command the Cosmic Treasury—to cash in.”
—Maharishi, speaking on what will happen as people stay on the Invincible America Course, and when Marble Colonies are built in Maharishi Vedic City, creating a center of business and untold wealth for Governors and Sidhas

Posts Record Gains During First Week of Invincibility Course

The good news is now in from the first week of our course. The stock market soared this week, posting its highest weekly gain in 14 months! And the price of oil dropped sharply as the U.S.—in an about face—began working towards a Mideast ceasefire. Here are a few headlines:

CNBC: “Wall Street Euphoria”

CNBC: “Blissful Shock”

MSNBC: “Market Sizzles:
Wall Street chalks up best weekly gain since 2005”

The Washington Post: “Oil prices fall as US takes step to end Mideast war”

I congratulate everyone who has come to the course to create this extraordinary upsurge of positive news. Our numbers have been enough to create a wave of good feeling, national confidence, and euphoria in the markets—but not yet enough to stop the violence in the Middle East and create national invincibility.

I know many of you have business and family commitments this summer. But many who are now at the course had similar commitments. They resolved to come despite everything—and Nature supported their resolve. America needs you in Washington and in Fairfield/Maharishi Vedic City. Please do everything you can to come as soon as possible—and stay for as long as you can.]

Jai Guru Dev
John Hagelin


The beautiful experiences of bliss from course participants and the astonishing good news coming from the U.S. stock market (see below) inspired Maharishi to announce yesterday a plan to sustain the coherent influence on a permanent basis. Maharishi asked us to quickly build Marble Colonies—Vastu homes—in Maharishi University of Management and Maharishi Vedic City, so that one or two thousand more people can come from all over the country and fly as soon as possible. Sidhas can come and live in the new homes, or they can visit for a week or more—and participate in this “Cosmic Yagya” to maintain a high level of harmony and integration in national consciousness.

“Let’s provide comfortable accommodations with all the advantages of high-speed Internet and video conferencing, so that anyone can come and do long program—and run their business afterwards.” —Maharishi


Students are returning to Maharishi University of Management in less than three weeks, and we have to make room for them on campus! (The good news: the number of new students is still growing!) As a result, many course participants will have to move out of dorms rooms. But we don’t want them to leave the course! So we are asking EVERYONE who has a home in Fairfield, on or off campus—whether Vastu or not—to take in one or more Flyers. (The University does not charge course participants for campus housing; homeowners may do as they wish.) If you have a room or rooms to offer, please email immediately Deanna Freeburg at and give her your details and contact information. (Or use the form in the domes.) This is especially crucial right now as we expect hundreds more people to arrive in the coming days! So please help!


For course participants who need a computer or high-speed Internet connection, or a quiet place to make some calls, we now have a fully equipped business center with everything you need for your business activities. Come to room 119 in the Dreier Building.


We are already having such a beautiful effect on the country. But we need more Flyers! We are 2/3 of the way to an invincible, peaceful Americato our super-radiance requirement of 1730 in the domes. We need volunteers to help call all the active Sidhas who have not yet heard and/or responded to Maharishi’s call. We have a phone bank in our beautiful Dreier building, so please come and join us to make calls anytime!

“Stock Market Calmed By Yogis”

(July 29, 2006) The stock market was up over 3 percent for the week. You didn’t hear this on CNBC, but the surprising rally was the work of the 1,200 yogic flyers assembled in Iowa and Washington, D.C., over the past four days.

The yogic flyers, it seems, have been creating a “calm and coherence” that’s quieting market “fears and anxieties.” John Hagelin, the director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy at Maharishi University of Management, believes this was just the beginning. “As the number of coherence-creating Yogic Flyers increases toward our goal of 3,000,” he said in a press release, “the news in America will get better and better.”

Hagelin is just a “world-renowned” quantum physicist. What does he know about the stock market? On Thursday, however, Hagelin’s boss challenged the world media to monitor the “coherent collective consciousness creators” and prepare for more good news.

The Dow gained 183 points Monday and 53 Tuesday. It dropped a point Wednesday and two more on Thursday, but Maharishi Mahesh Yogi remained bullish. “Watch what happens tomorrow,” he said.

Tomorrow came. The Dow rose another 119 points. Next he’ll be churning out an investment newsletter.


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