Wednesday August 23, 2006

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Why the Chaudharys
Came from San Diego

“At first we thought we were sacrificing our work in order to attend the course. Now, we know that had we not come, we would have sacrificed our enlightenment for our work.”

—Sandeep Chaudhary, M.D.
Kulreet Chaudhary, M.D.
San Diego, California


Dear Fellow Flyers,

Today marks the first day of the second month of our Invincible America Course—and we are truly changing the world!

Many people sacrificed much to come on the course—traveling long distances and dramatically altering personal or professional plans. But, as these people are the first to report, it has not been a sacrifice at all! It has been a supreme blessing—showers of bliss and enlightenment under Maharishi’s personal guidance, while bringing relief and peace to a peaceless world.

Take a look at what has happened in just one month:

  • The bloody Israeli-Hezbollah conflict, which threatened to consume the region and the world—and which could have sent the global economy into a tailspin—is being peacefully resolved through a unanimous cease-fire agreement forged by the US and France—two countries that were in bitter disagreement over the onset of the Iraq war.
  • The price of oil, which peaked at over $78 a barrel in mid-July—with dire predictions of spikes up to $100 per barrel—has now dropped more than $6 a barrel to $72 a barrel, driving down spiraling gasoline prices worldwide.
  • The stock market, which was wallowing far below 11000 in response to global concerns about the escalating violence in Lebanon and signs of increasing inflation in the US, has gained a staggering 600 points in one month—with Nasdaq having its best run in over three years.
  • A long summer drought in the US, which threatened to cripple agricultural output and financially ruin many US farmers, is now considered “over” in much of the nation by the National Weather Service, with welcome rains falling across the Southeast, Midwest, and Southwest.
  • Predictions have not come to pass of another devastating hurricane season, similar to the one last year, which devastated Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.

Equally interestingly has been the number of times the words “unfazed,” “steady,” unshaken,” “calm,” and “undaunted” have appeared in the headlines of US newspaper articles to describe the way American people—and the US economy—are responding to any number of real or perceived threats from both inside and outside the nation.

America is truly rising to invincibility—to that steadfast, blissful, highly integrated state of national consciousness, which is parental to all.

To all of you who have created this transformation: you are the heroes of the age. And to those of you who have not yet had the opportunity to join us, here is a heartfelt invitation to come now

Jai Guru Dev
John Hagelin


August 23, 2006

Today is the 1st day of the second month of U.S. national consciousness
rising to invincibility, as indicated by the following press reports...

Business Week: “US Economy: Defying Expectatations  — A surprising array of major U.S. macro indicators — (increasing) consumer spending, factory activity, corporate profits, and trade —continues to defy expectations of an economic slowdown.”

Associated Press: “Oil prices steady despite uncertainty in Iran

The U.S.-brokered cease-fire in Lebanon is holding and efforts to stabilize the peace are proceeding rapidly.…
Bloomberg News: “Lebanon Expands Peacekeeping Deployment in the South — and Lebanon’s Middle East Airlines resumed regular flights to Beirut, and Germany’s Lufthansa Airlines resumes its five scheduled weekly flights to Beirut from Frankfurt tomorrow.”

And even Iran—isolated, belligerent, and a source of great consternation in the world family just a few weeks ago over its stand on the development of nuclear materials—is now softening its position.…
Reuters: “Iran says ready for serious nuclear talks with six world powers


Coherence in collective consciousness brings balance and the support of Nature to life.
FXStreet (top internet site for agricultural investors): “The drought is over —Timely rains have returned to the Southwest, Texas, Oklahoma, etc., and farmers who said they could not plant in dry dead soil are now look at planting more winter wheat.” — “Drought Easing in Iowa

National Weather Service: “Showers provide drought relief in the Southeast and along the Gulf Coast

National Weather Service: “Southwestern showers ease long-term drought

This is just a taste of the wonderful good news coming from the United States on the 1st day of the second month of the Invincible America Course.


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