Wednesday September 6, 2006


September 6, 2006

Today is the 15th day of the second month of US national consciousness rising to invincibility, as indicated by the following press reports...

The U.S. business press continues to marvel at how unexpectedly strong the economy is...
Bloomberg News: A Bullish Week —Oil prices fell, the economic numbers showed steady growth, inflation is not increasing, and economic growth is steady.

Mounting fears over dangerously escalating levels of inflation are now over... 
The Washington Post: Federal Reserve Board President says inflation is under control

The stock market continues to rise to new heights...
The New York Times: Wall Street rose again Tuesday, building on three-month highs

And as the stock market soars, the price of oil and gas continues to fall...
Reuters: Oil falls to 3-½ month low as fears diminish — Since a record of $78.65 last month, oil prices have fallen steeply by around $10 a barrel as a weaker-than-expected hurricane season and easing geopolitical tensions have pressured prices downward.

The Christian Science Monitor: Falling gas prices may lift entire economy — Over the past month, gasoline prices have dropped more than 30 cents a gallon, with the price of fuel at the lowest level since mid-April. The lower pump prices will add $2 billion a month in buying power to the economy. Falling gasoline prices are part of an unexpected favorable economic mosaic that is developing this fall.

And remarkably, the good energy news just got miraculously better...
Associated Press: U.S. Oil Reserves Could Grow by 50 Pct. — Results from a deep-water test well in the Gulf of Mexico suggest a new pool of oil and gas that could boost U.S. reserves by as much as 50 percent. The 300-square-mile region could hold between 3 billion and 15 billion barrels of oil and natural gas liquids. The discovery carries particular importance for the entire industry at a time when Western oil and gas companies are finding fewer opportunities in politically unstable parts of the world, including the Middle East, Africa, and Russia.

Last week we saw headlines on how European markets are rising, spurred by positive news in the US. Now we see the same trend on the other side of the world...
CNBC: Asian stocks rally on upbeat U.S.

Internationally, the U.S. is taking the lead on peace initiatives...
Associated Press: U.S. moves to restart North Korea talks

And the U.S.- and France-led brokered deal for an end on August 14 to the 34-day war between the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah and Israel, is holding—with unprecedented global support from many nations, including Muslim countries, and the United Nations...
Reuters: UN to mediate on Hizbollah-held IsraelisIsrael and Hizbollah have both agreed to accept the effort of the United Nations to mediate between Israel and Hizbollah for the release of two Israeli soldiers seized in July.

Reuters: Qatar pledges 200-300 troops to UN Lebanon force Qatar became the first Arab country to commit troops to the expanded UN force set up to keep the peace between Israel and Hizbollah guerrillas in south Lebanon.

And finally, on a lighter note, it is interesting to see how quickly the words and phrases Maharishi uses make their way into the mainstream... For example, the most popular movie for the past two weeks in the United States is about a very kind-hearted young man who overcomes all obstacles to become a successful athlete. The movie is entitled “Invincible.”
USA Today: “Invincible” Repeats As No. 1 Movie in America

This is just a taste of the wonderful good news coming from the United States on the 15th day of the second month of the Invincible America Course.


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Maharishi Vedic City/Maharishi University of Management
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