Financial Support Request Form

The historic first Invincible America grant check is presented at Maharishi University of Management to Adrienne Pelton (left) of Del Mar, California on Victory Day, October 2, 2006.
Rod Falk (left) receives his grant check. Course participants who commit to 8 hours of program a day for one month or longer are eligible to receive a check of up to $815 per month.

Thank you for your desire to create an Invincible America!

May 18, 2017 PLEASE NOTE:
At the present time due to financial limitations, we are no longer accepting new or former IAA Grant or Sponsorship applications. Fundraising is underway to inspire new support for the IAA Grants. We hope to have an update on grant status by the end of August. Thank you for your understanding.

Who is eligible?
Practitioners of the TM-Sidhi program from every country in the world are eligible to apply for this assistance.

You are eligible for support, if:

  • you can commit to the 8-hour per day rounding program;
  • you need the financial support and can commit to a minimum of one calendar month; and
  • you have been accepted by the Invincible America Department and have received your program badge with a current sticker. (If you have not already done so, you may apply here for the Assembly.)

Who is not eligible?
Those not eligible for financial assistance: (i) students enrolled full-time at Maharishi University of Management or Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment, (ii) full-time members of the faculty, administration, or staff at Maharishi University of Management or Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment, or (iii) dependents of faculty, administration or staff members of these educational institutions, or (iv) pregnant ladies.

You are not eligible if you are living in the Fairfield-Maharishi Vedic City community and are a full-time employee of, or receive room and board from MUM, MSAE, the Global Country of World Peace (GCWP), Maharishi Foundation, or any other organization that is part of Maharishi’s worldwide Movement.

There are two exceptions to these policies. Full-time students on vacation in the summer are eligible for financial support for any calendar months during the time they are not enrolled in school. Full-time Governors in the United States or Canada working outside the Fairfield Community may come for a minimum of one calendar month per year on the Governor Invincibility Program.

Are there attendance requirements?
Grant funds are available to those able to participate for a minimum of 75% of the sessions each month. The more sessions you attend, the higher your financial support will be. For those on the International Sponsorship Program you will need to pay for your own room and food if your attendance drops below 80%. To record attendance, participants will be issued a special swipe card that they'll use at the beginning and end of each program. Please note: there is a $10.00 charge for this swipe card. Details for obtaining a swipe card will be available in the acceptance e-mail you will receive from the Settle Foundation Grants Office.

How long a commitment do I have to make?
One calendar month.

How do I apply?
Fill out the Financial Support Request Form below at least one month before you wish to be on the grant or sponsorship program. The application should reach us between the first and 12th of that month in order to be processed that month. You will receive an auto-response letter shortly after applying.

Canadians should send their contact information and bank deposit information to the Canadian National Leader’s office.

What does this financial assistance cover?
For those receiving a grant, the financial support is expected to help cover housing and meals plus a few incidentals. For those on the International Sponsorship Program housing and meals will be provided. Please see the FAQ page for more details.

How is the money paid?
For US residents the financial assistance will be received as a grant check during the first week or ten days of the month following their attendance on the Assembly. The exact date and location for the grant distribution will be announced in the flying halls at the beginning of each month.

Canadians will receive their grant as a deposit in their Canadian bank account.

If you have questions that aren’t answered in “Frequently Asked Questions” please email

Financial Support Request Form

for those who are on the Settle Grant (or Settle Sponsorship) at present.

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(The grants program started in 10/2006.)
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What date do you *
wish to start on the financial support? (Please note that everyone needs to start on the first day of the month.)

The following question is for US and Canadian residents only:

Please indicate how much financial support you need each month to be on the Invincible America program. Please note that currently, due to budget limitations, new and returning participants are receiving a maximum of $700 and, for those already receiving a grant, increases are not being awarded.

  $ .00

For approximately how many calendar months do you plan to participate in the International Sponsorship Program?

Please indicate whether you are student:
Student Elsewhere
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Please indicate if you, or anyone in your family, are employed by Maharishi University of Management, Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment, Global Country of World Peace, The Maharishi Foundation, or any other organization in Maharishi's World-wide Movement?
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If yes, please list the name of the employee, the organization worked for, and any benefits, such as room and board, received because of this relationship to them.
Is there any other family member on the grant at this time or planning to enter at the same time as you will start?
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Please let us
know their name

I understand that I will follow the currently recommended 8-hour/day Invincible America program guidelines and any guidelines regarding attendance and the taking of attendance deemed necessary for this financial support.

I accept* Yes NO